Outliving Janis: 27 Things

Andrea Faye Hart
Oct 30, 2014 · 2 min read

1. traveled to Mexico City. fell in love with another train system.

2. traveled to Boston. stood my ground amongst academics.

3. traveled to LA. hiked a lot, heart stolen by Trojans.

4. traveled to St. Louis. found another city to love.

5. traveled to London. biked the city.

6. started writing again. shared it with others.

7. got published. making sense of things.

8. asked for a raise. got it.

9. set boundaries. it was hard.

10. found friends to breathe with. and talk to.

11. am more vulnerable. unlearned some shit.

12. got hurt. disappointment burns.

13. needed things. learning to ask.

14. dyed my hair five times. looks like me.

15. pierced my nose. looks like me.

16. got a mom tattoo. one day i’ll show her.

17. got a rib tattoo. still looking for home.

18. saw outkast twice. andre 3000.

19. reunited with 10+ people. squeezed them all.

20. worked with my best friend. got paid.

21. bought a blender. made healthy treats.

22. cooked for my friends. through the winter.

23. did yoga. didn’t fart.

24. wore shorts and pants. without tights and with pockets, respectively.

25. drank less. ran more.

26. ran a marathon. didn’t die.

27. fell in love w a whole class of 13–14 YO. laughing’s still life.

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