Day #2: Reflections on the Andela Experience

So I’m in the Andela Bootcamp. It’s a surreal experience. I am quickly getting lost in looking at Trello boards and watching videos on best practices for software development. I’m staring at the screen coming up with wireframes for a UI. Have I ever done this before? Nope. Previous experience with this bit was doing a mockup by hand, using good ol’ fashioned pencil and paper. I still have a tendency to resort to writing stuff down by hand when it all gets too confusing. It has a remarkable way of slowing you down and forcing you to consider what you know and what you don’t know.

I’m on the back foot. Due to my inexperience with Trello, I ended up doing one task, mistakenly assuming the rest was for another day. Cue panic and staying up until 1 am trying to make things work. Still trying. I feel a little despondent at having to compensate for a day. It is very tempting to give into the despair. But I remind myself of the growth mindset: look at this as a challenge and use it to be better. And so I shall. Keep trying. Do what I can do and let what cannot be done as yet wait for another day. Is that the right way? The reckoning at week’s end shall be my judge.

Forever hopeful,