well, this is my first time I write again after I resigned from the local start-up company as a content writer. Actually, writing is something that I don’t like before. But this is one of the ways to keep my memory after I’ve read a book.

It started when I felt having much free time after I resigned. And you know, as a Y generation who is living in the technology era, I depended on my gadget to kill my time. I always open Instagram. I had wasted my time perhaps 5–6 hours every day. I opened Instagram when I woke up in the morning, before and after I ate, in the every waiting place, before I slept and another time. Maybe I had unconsciously addicted to Instagram.

I think, the best app to know other people condition is Instagram. It’s fast, light and user-friendly than Facebook. I addicted until I realized if Instagram disturbed my life. I opened it not only in the free time anymore. I felt so curious to know what next if I clicked the photo or link or Instagram Story. And after I clicked it, too much unimportant thing showed than important information. Well, one day I realized I have to stop it.

I started to uninstall Instagram from my gadget. I installed Medium, McKinsey Insight, TED and Pinterest instead of Instagram. It was hard at the first time but it worked. I changed my habit with reading everytime and everywhere.

Now, I start reading one book every week and write the review of the book in the weekend. I just read a book that gives me more knowledge, I don’t read a Novel except Game of Throne Novel. Reviewing the book will keep my memory.

Last, see you next in my first review.