The Worst Kind of Spammer

Len Kendall
Jul 31, 2013 · 2 min read

It’s not the guy selling you Viagra, the Nigerian prince, or sexy single who wants to meet-up. It’s the startup founder who is too lazy to grow his/her early customer-base through personal relationships or sticky products. Instead they go with brute force with the hope that a small percentage of interested recipients get hooked and outweigh the pissed-off (me) or disinterested.

Let’s analyze this message that I received in my personal inbox this AM. In case you aren’t sure, this was 100% not a personalized email to me. I suspect it went out to hundreds of people:

I implore you to mark every single unsolicited email as spam. Don’t get confused and think that unless it’s some sleazy or suspicious site it doesn’t qualify. While you may think that doing this has little effect, trust me it does. As Adam Kmiec put it on Twitter today:

If I didn’t request your email, it’s SPAM

Sending a single person a sales pitch or question out of the blue is one thing, sending an email to many people that didn’t request it is bad business.

I work very hard to get every customer and subscriber authentically. I’m sure you do too.When people take shortcuts that benefit them more than us, it hurts all of us. These people aren’t criminals, they just need some tough love. Give it to them.

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