In the first installment of the Real Adoption of “Blockchain-Tech” we looked at the significant progress Blockchain-Tech adoption has been making in the enterprise space.

The Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP) uses blockchain technology, cloud services, and the Internet-of-Things to enable a better utilization of containers through the efficient sharing of containers between carriers.

What problem is the GSCP trying to solve?

We are trying to solve some of the major inefficiencies in the shipping industry. 40% of the containers on the road are emtpy and out of 365 days in a year a container spends 220 days as an empty unproductive asset. …

The rLoop Network is a decentralized innovation platform designed to connect individuals and organizations to collaborate on emergent technologies in ways that were never before possible.

What problem is rLoop trying to solve?

Today there exists no mechanism to drive knowledge, expertise, and resources into large scale projects. There is a global pool of talent that largely goes untapped as opportunities to participate in such projects are limited and geographically localized.

How is rLoop solving…

Creditcoin is the decentralized affiliate and content marketing protocol allowing any 3rd party marketplace, retailer or publisher to leverage a token based system for affiliated smart product listings and content marketing campaigns on the network.

What problem is Creditcoin trying to solve?

Currently the tech deployed to list and sell products online are contingent upon legacy tech that is deprecated and lacks transparency. We see the Creditcoin protocol and network becoming that needed infrastructure layer in the retail space creating a new ecosystem changing the…

For the last several years blockchain has been the technology that will revolutionize finance, supply chain, ride sharing, social networks, fill in the blank. We are constantly told of the technology’s potential — what it will do — but rarely informed of what it has done or is currently doing.

The genie is out of the bottle for decentralized digital assets. Bitcoin, or something like it, will change money forever, reshape the global financial system and in the process very likely reorganize global geopolitics.

The crypto-economic game first outlined in “A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System,” has so far…

As cryptocurrency speculation has increased along with the hype about the potential of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency exchanges have been incredibly successful. However, there’s a growing divide amongst exchanges. Some exchanges are moving towards improved standards and heightened regulatory oversight as increasingly “legitimate” players from the traditional financial world enter the…

Hey Cryptonauts, and welcome back to the Official XTECH blog! Today we are going to discuss the process of how you can get your ICO listed on the XTECH exchange, and why ICO Projects that are looking for an exchange should come to us!

If you are an ICO currently…

To further improve and optimize the development of our platform, we are now engaging in a bounty program aimed at smoothing out bugs. This post is intended to give you all the necessary information on the program and how to report a bug.

The Concept

Currently we are running a trading competition…

Hey Cryptonauts, and welcome back to the official XTECH blog. Today we are going to go over everything you need to know for the XTECH Open 2018 🚀


Let’s start with why you are all here! As mentioned in our previous post, the 100 best traders will receive a prize

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