Keeping abreast of the latest hot trends in Silicon Valley and beyond, what are the best sources?

At Treehacks 2017, ©Lennart Frantzell

For anyone who wants to find out what the latest hot tech trends are in Silicon Valley and beyond, hanging around on the leading clouds is really a great way to start: Amazon Web Services , IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform are all a veritable treasure trove of new hot services and information, not the least because the clouds of today come complete with superb documentation and demos. It is really a MacDonald approach, make it super-easy and cheap to consume and they will come.

Also for the developer in Silicon Valley or beyond, the leading Meetups are an excellent source for the latest tech news and networking. Especially the Meetups with several thousand members or even with more than ten thousand members. Not to speak of all the hackathons .

A more traditional source, good and not just focused on IT, is Paul Graham’s excellent Hacker News, closely followed by Andreessen Horowitz’ podcast, a must listen for everyone in the business. And followed all over the world, including in Nigeria and the corners of the third world.

And speaking of trends, Mary Meeker’s at Kleiner Perkins and her Internet Trends 2017 is also a must read. as is Kleiner Perkins

And for learning new skills, the MOOCS Udacity and Coursera are superb, as is developerWorks.

And in today’s open source world, is a must destination for anyone who wants to learn new technology at the code level, usually expertly explained in the file. And for questions the destination is given:

Old style blogs like, and are interesting but to my mind not as good as The Technology Section in the New York Times.

I am certain that others have their own favorites, but these are the ones that I as a developer advocate use to at least try to stay relevant.

And if anyone can recommend any others, just let me know.