HomePod and Echo: The future of marketing?

The world is changing fast. Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google dominate the Tech industry. Since they all have a kind of monopoly in their space they can set the price. Now you know why it is so hard to switch from Apple to something else. It’s by design. Or why your company posts on Facebook are not seen by a big audience for free anymore. You have to pay to play!

So how will the future of marketing look like, when big tech companies with a strong monopoly decide our future?

HomePod, Google Home and Echo

This week I personally experienced the power of Siri/Alexa. I used homekit combined with Ikea smart lighting. “Siri lights on” “Siri lights off” and again and again. Loving it! You can also add App’s that make your home a real discotheek by flickering your lights in multiple colours on the beat of your music.

These first appliances of a strong brand like Ikea will make customer adoption of HomePod and Echo pick-up fast. Users will soon start using it to order stuff online (in Europe that is. Americans are already doing it) and within a few years putting devices on and off with your phone will feel really inconvenient. So what will be next.

Where does this stop? And what are we going to ask Siri? or Siri us?

Living in a bubble

So we all live in a bubble! You know that right? (Facebook calls it “information diversity” 😂) If you like cars and you see only car video’s on Youtube it’s not because thats the only content. Same goes for Facebook or any other major website. Advertisers tent to make profiles and use that data to send you more relevant content ( and ads). Using smart algorithms (which is not AI, but sadly everyone calls it that to easily)

a bubble ;-)

Instagram is measuring your thumb movements (aka scrolling speed). They do this to determine what you like and what not. So if you look at something a bit longer than normal on Instagram. For example a post of Ray ban Sunglasses. Siri could (in the future) ask you: “Hey Lennert would you like me to order a pair of sunglasses from Ray ban?” Me: “Sure” Siri: “They will be delivered on Sunday”

More convenient

Looks convenient

I like to write these kind of blogs. It gives me food for thoughts. What will Siri, Alexa and Google change with their voice-controlled AI? I can tell you this: It will be big and it will change a lot of industries.

Let me know what you think!

Originally published at blog.sellify.com on October 19, 2017.