A new candidate experience

  • How would candidates understand where they are in the process?
  • What other information might you provide to help the candidate understand next steps for their application or an interview?

Who are target users and stakeholders

Create deeper relationship with candidates, and ultimately bring in the best talents.

Learning from the target users

  1. Don’t like to check back on the application system, but they do care about the process and would look else where for information.
  2. Want first-hand information on application progress. In order to get it, they’d look up recruiter & interviewer and try reaching out to them.
  3. The further they are in interview process, the stronger they feel they need information. Before and after onsite is the step they care the most.
  4. Email is always a great medium.

Ways to acquire information

What if they can get fast, memorable, easy-to-understand info, all in one place?

Content content

Learning from the stakeholder

  • In the beginning, candidates tend to ask about whether they are qualified and the type of person employer is looking for. Later on, they start to care more about culture, the team, benefit, etc.
  • Most of the time they have a fixed process, with slight change when needed.

The solutions need to hit the sweet spot between recruiters and candidates, while bringing transparency and openness.

The new experience

The first touch

Check my status

Reply with “status” to check for updates

Hearing back!

All lined up

Benefit & impact

What else can be done

  • Validate ideas by Speed Dating with people (Amazon Storybuilder is a cool tool).
  • Keep a close eye on our customers, follow up with survey emails.
  • Where am I? What’s your thought about me? Why am I not hired? Rapid and honest feedbacks to those questions are critical for maintaining a positive relationship with candidates. As a giant leap, we can study opportunities around providing interview feedback. Showing applicants we are the type of organization that cares about them will likely to strengthen Amazon’s employment brand.




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