2017: A Year of #faithfulresistance

I want to start by saying this post will be incredibly unfair to some of you. Particularly Pastors and faith leaders of color, in the LGBTQ community, and intersectional feminist theologians. Followers of Christ from the margins. You have sacrificed so much for calls to the church in various roles. The path that I have walked so far is littered with your strewn bodies. I stand on your shoulders. I see you. I honor you. I’m deeply thankful.

But more is required of you.

It is unfair. You shouldn’t have to justify your personhood or your right to agency or in some of our cases, to exist, ever again.

But you do.

Your bruises have become a healing balm to so many who have followed you. Your scars have become proverbs of the people. Your intense psychic trauma has been heard by the Creator and the people. We are singing it back to you in waves of hosanna. You are beloved. You are tired. You are weary.

We need you stand up one more time.

For those of you it’s the first time you want proclaim good news to the poor and the oppressed blatantly. Who want to proclaim freedom to captives. Who have decided the shed the nice church mask and preach the damn Gospel. I love you. Welcome.

To everyone in between.

I’m calling for what we are all thinking. What we have all been tweeting, writing, posting, blogging about. Marching about. Organizing about. Gathering with colleagues and wrestling with what God is talking to us about, in this time. This place. The kairos we have been nibbling around the edges of. You feel it in your very bones. You were put here for a time such as this.

2017 must be a year of #faithfulresistance

This isn’t partisan. Raw evil never is.

This isn’t about whom should be in office. This is about reclaiming the Christian heritage. This about standing in direct and OPEN opposition to empire. They have stolen Jesus y’all. They have hijacked the messiah and turned him into an oppressive, gun toting, homophobic, blue eyed Norwegian maniac who believes in military intervention abroad and the death penalty. They have turned him into a campaign parlor trick. Abortion-now you see him. The poor-now you don’t. War on Christmas- now you see him. Grace and Mercy offered to ALL-now you don’t. They have taken the incarnation and turned it into heresy. We have allowed scripture to become a cloak for deception and empire.

That stops in 2017.

To those faith leaders who stood for this, in Christ name no less.

We don’t accept the fact that you would rather marry yourself to power than stand with those on the margins like the middle eastern man you claim to worship did.

He looked more like the 9–11 hijackers than he does you. You want to build a wall and refuse refugees, then claim the cross without even acknowledging your theological dishonesty. Let alone plain ol historical fact. You brood of vipers.

This is a call to all leaders of the church of faith and conscience. It is time to #faithfullyresist

You are more important than you have any idea in the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is here. It is now. It desperately needs you. With your flaws, your fears, your pain.

You can hang me from a tree. You can slap cuffs on me and throw me in the new plantation. You can appoint whatever leaders you need for your strange cabal of high priest of Moloch. You have been feeding our children to Moloch for centuries. What are you going to do to me that haven’t done? Call me nigger? Call me half breed? Convict me of a felony? Deny me access to the American dream?

What you wont do anymore is weaponize theology against the people anymore. We will not stand for it. Your thoughts and prayers against thousands of clergy in the streets. Your endless sniveling on Twitter versus the combined actions of the incarnational community. Your stump speeches and dog whistles laid bare by proclamation of the Gospel message.

We will remind you that the cross was the vehicle grace used to infiltrate the world. Let me explain: A means of state sanctioned execution by law enforcement was how empire was defeated. What made demons wail.

I care more about serving this God than I do about a congregation ever calling me or retirement benefits. I care more about serving this strange man from Palestine who stood with the poor than I do about academic respect. I care more about fulfilling the promises that are the inheritance of the church than I do about how much a member tithes and if they are ok with what I said.

We will not stop. We will not go away. Pockets of resistance are rising up and you don’t even see it. A #faithfulresistance that will be draped in the Holy Spirit like a wedding gown. That will be full of leaders crowned with anointing oils ready to walk to Golgotha. Streets will be lined with buckets full of living waters as we all get down on our knees and strip off our outer garments to wash one another’s feet. Girded with love so electric it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up a mile away.

This generation will not allow you to take away the mantle of the Church and throw it away on your petty wars, fiscal orgies on wall street, and theological dishonesty. You will no longer use the pulpit to blind the people.

If you are just waking up, welcome. If you have been fighting for so long I seem impudent, thank you for all you have done. For all you will do. This is it. This is the Coliseum and the lions are already stalking us. We know who is playing the part of emperor.

Our part is to say no racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia and predatory economic policies meant to break the back of the people. It isn’t scriptural. Period.

There will be a cost to this. It will be higher for some of us who can’t just walk away.


As you are shoved out on the sand. As it all just seems to be bread and circuses. As all hope is seemingly lost, I urge you. I plead with you. I pray that you #faithfullyresist.