Homemade Rum Cream vs Egg Nog

The holidays are upon us and I always dream of nothing better than eggnog spiked with rum or whiskey. We previously made bourbon cream, and rather than simply make a rum cream I found an eggnog recipe from the Magic Butter Machine website.

Here are the two recipes:

Rum Cream

1 (300g) can of sweetened condensed milk
1 1/2 cups rum, I much prefer at least a 5 year rum or a dark rum. I used Brugal Anejo, but Meyers would be another great option
1 cup whipping cream
2 eggs
2 tablespoons chocolate syrup (make sure it’s real chocolate, not flavored)
2 teaspoons vanilla

1. Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth
2. Pour into a very clean glass bottle
3. Refrigerate for up to 7 days, the flavors will continue to meld.

Magic Butter Eggnog

3.5 cups of milk (regular, coconut or almond; don’t use non-fat)
3/4 Everclear 190 proof alcohol, I improvised and used Goslings 151 proof dark rum
20 grams of pure cane sugar (no substitutes)
6 egg yolks
2 cloves

1. Place milk and sugar in the machine.
2. Run at 160 degrees for on hour.
3. After done open machine and allow milk to cool completely
4. Add egg yolks, alcohol and cloves
5. Run at no heat for an hour.
6. Strain through mesh filter to remove cloves
7. Let sit for 48 hours, good for up to two weeks.

Both of these recipes are super tasty and easy to make. As with the bourbon cream if you consume within a few hours you can really taste the rum, which is why I chose a rum with a great aged flavor like the Brugal Anejo. As the days go on the flavors meld and you have a rummy chocolate milkshake which is also amazingly tasty. The eggnog was fantastic. I have never made fresh eggnog, and let me tell you, this will put all other eggnog’s to shame, especially with the added kick and dark rum flavor of the Goslings 151 proof rum. Thick and and rich with that velvety texture that only egg yolks can provide.

I would like to declare one of these the winner, but the flavor profiles of both are so different they are both winners. If you want eggnog and have a Magic Butter Machine you can’t lose with their recipe. If all you have is a blender, surprise your friends at a party with this super easy to make addition to any holiday party!

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