How to Be About That Tech Talent Life Instead of Some Lame Ass Coder with a Tech Job
Ed Dunn

This guy is so correct I can cry. I know many snowflakes on here are going to cry and melt because he is so harsh. I hope Medium don’t ban him. I have been working in tech since the early 90s. I have worked in other fields too, and have seen much.

  1. Business is all about the bottom line, cash and profit. The CEO don’t give a fuck if you use .forEach() or a straight for loop. They need something that brings in cash and looks good for shareholders. Today, working with nuts and bolts of code is a very marginal skill.
  2. I’ve seen entire departments in the last few years get completely wiped out and replaced with H1Bs or whatever the other one is. They also have physical presence in India. We are talking about great software guys who created products that keep major infrastructure online, not fart apps. Some of these guys were older too and it isn’t so easy to find something else. You think some shitty startup will hire a 40 something guy with years of desktop .net experience? Even if they have a track record of production? Keeping legacy skills on your resume is toxic.
  3. There is rampant age discrimination. Once you get to be 35–40 many companies won’t even talk to you for many reasons. You are very expensive, and you don’t have the “reactive-dick” framework of the day under your belt. You aren’t in the brogrammer culture. By that point you better be thinking away from coding and more toward higher level things such as resource management. I mean, there are places like Google where there are exceptional older geniuses who work on extremely complex coding but at that point you aren’t going to be writing Angular tags. Maybe 1 or 2 percent of all coders fit into that category.
  4. Coding is very marginalized and is being aggressively off-shored. Eventually coding will go the way of a stenographer. Does anyone here know what Pittman Sten is?
  5. It was something completely destroyed by PCs. Up until the 80s it was a skill you could make a living from. Soon coding will follow that path. What if someone can simply describe and app by speech and some low skilled guy on a Pacific Island can make a few tweaks to get it to work. Poof! There is my MVP. And I don’t need some Reddit addicted hipster either.
  6. The bar for talent rises. High IQ is a pre-requisite. When they say anyone can learn to code, they are lying. Even “smart” people struggle with writing for loops. Experienced devs are known to screw up interviews with simple algorithms. Not saying a very smart, motivated person can get something out of a bootcamp but they are in a no way a software engineer. Bootcamps are teaching you the skill of the day. I find it disgusting how almost every job asks for such specific skills. You could be WOZ but if you don’t have 3.7 years of Android Dev, go pound sand.
  7. The React of 2017 is the HTML of 1997. It is a hot skill of the day that will die soon. In a few years having 5 years of React will be as valuable as 5 years of ASP.NET (not even MVC) is today.