OnePageX. The future in the exchange of your cryptoactives.


Cryptomoneda is here to stay. This innovative phenomenon has invaded the financial markets and online commerce and arise from the need to decentralize the economy presenting itself as an alternative that allows the use of money beyond the traditional physical forms allowing payments to be made more privately and securely digitally. Their use has become widespread over the years and have the particularity of not being subject to any law or regulation of any financial institution or even government agencies. Today, companies from the most varied sectors, through their physical or virtual stores, accept payment for their products or services in crypto currencies. It is not strange that even the café on the corner admits the payment of its products in criptomonedas because the commercial sector has progressively adapted to the use and advances of technology and internet and now of the money that has practically been born from its entrails. It is a safe way to safeguard money without this subject to policies or actions that may affect or affect its real value and its dynamics allows it to operate under a system in which it is not necessary for people to be physically in the same place to make the exchange of money; it does not require ATMs and sometimes it is not necessary to have an independent account. It has a secure system such as blockchain technology or chain of blocks that records, stores and orders all transactions of crypto currencies in coded blocks and related to each other which makes it impossible to distort any information. Today many crypto coins are quoted in the current market, among the most popular we can name Bitcoin (2009), Ethereum , Litecoin (2011), Dash (2014), Ripple (2004), Neo (2014), Stellar, Tron (2018), Ethereum Classic, Qtum (2017), OmiseGO (2013), Zcash (2016), Bitcoin Gold (2017), Bitcoin Cash (2017), EOS, IOTA, NEM, Stratis, Waves.

But how do you buy and sell crypto coins?

To buy and sell crypto coins you only need the support of a trader or Exchange that can manage your operation and for that on the Internet there are a variety of websites where you can rely on to perform the exchange as well as you can find many wallet services to store our digital money.

To determine if we have chosen a secure service to manage our money is important to take into account the following aspects:

Reputation of your Service:this evaluation can be made following the comments and contributions of those who have already used the service and through the consultation of specialized forums that can provide us with an idea of the reliability of the Exchange.

Accepted Forms of Payment:The amount of forms of payment they accept is an indication of the number of transactions handled by the website, a proof of trust and that they are good at what they do.

Geographical Limitations: You should check if your country is within the list of options for its operations.

Exchange Rates: Check that the percentage of commissions is favorable to you when buying or selling your crypto currencies because many traders or Exchange charge very high commissions that give them an advantage during each operation.

What is it and how does it work?

OnePageExchange is the platform that offers you the easiest, safest and most transparent way to trade your cryptoactives. It is very easy to use and does not require registration, passwords or any other requirement that could be cumbersome when making your transactions.

Each time a user generates a transaction, its URL will be added in a “session”. Simply bookmark the page or copy and paste the link back to it. The generated addresses can be used indefinitely, and you can also see the status of your transactions again!

OnePageX has a large number of available crypto currencies (more than 140) which represents an advantage when you perform your operations by finding and offering the best exchange market prices in order to meet the needs of all users. Its system guarantees the anonymity of its users by offering them greater security and confidence. Another advantage is the use of a simple interface that allows multiple transactions from a single page that are added in the form of a card allowing the user to come back and use it when you want and indicating the status of your transaction.

OnePageX has a widget called OneBox that allows the user to make quick changes to cryptocurrencies.

OnePageX has a team of professionals of the highest quality concerned and committed to bring improvements to the platform is why they continue to add funding assets so that the user has a much greater selection.

OnePageX is the future!