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I am recommending “Love Conquers All: How Love Delivered Her from Cancer and Him from Prison,” by Lenny and Vandy Singleton. Reuniting after 28 years, Lenny shares his journey to incarceration of an unjust sentence of 2 Life Sentences plus 100 years for committing a series of robberies while high on alcohol and crack in a one week period where no one was murdered or physically injured in any way. In fact, no one even filed as a “victim.” Lenny was a first time felon with a college degree who had served in our Navy before his addiction. As Vandy caught Lenny up over the past 28 years, she realized what bad shape she was in and lost 50 lbs. in 4 months, so much weight that she was able to feel the lump in her left armpit. With the discovery of a cancerous tumor on her spine threatening to paralyze her from the neck down, she is now diagnosed with Stage IV Triple Negative Breast Cancer. They have both been given death sentences but despite the odds, they have overcome so much. Not only does this book share Lenny’s journey, it also chronicles the Miracle that took place in Vandy’s life. It is a guidebook to a better life, a self-help manual, and the love story to beat all love stories. Their lives stand testament to the power of our thoughts to create our reality, that miracles can and do still happen, and that love does, indeed, conquer all. This bi-racial couple and their story of love bridges the divides that are currently occurring in society due to racial tensions. Their story is relevant, poignant, raw and honest and made the front page of The New York Times on July 5th, 2016. If you have ever questioned humanity and your place within it, you should read this book. —

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