Digitex: The exchange of futures with zero commissions in transaction and its currency DGTX

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When the investors decide to operate in the financial markets, in their mind this, to be able to diminish the high transaction costs that can have that Broker or Market that offers us the asset to which we want to invest, which entails to realize a study of which would be the best of all that can offer us what we are looking for, that is simply to invest with the smaller possible risk and that is also the most economic option.

This is a particularity of the “Futures Markets”, where fundamentally, they allow to buy or sell an asset in a future date and even an established price, they offer the opportunity to invest with the minimum risk, diminishing to a greater extent those high costs that generate to carry out these transactions, where it is sought to obtain profitability with respect to the prices to be traded. This applies to any asset that we want to trade either shares of companies, bonds, precious metals such as gold or silver and crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.

However, trading in the “Futures Markets” does not keep the investor from having to pay the transaction fees that are generated each time some operation is executed, which in volume represents a good percentage destined to the same and more if the money to invest is really high, a situation that indicates the centralization of the market where we are operating that seeks to keep the platform working through the collection of these and that puts our money in the hands of the exchange, which can be vulnerable to possible cyber attacks that compromise the funds of all investors who have their money there.

This is where “DIGITEX” comes to solve these problems, by presenting us with an innovative proposal, based on Blockchain technology that combats directly with the centralization of these markets and the collection of transaction fees.

¿What is Digitex Futures?

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It is an exchange of futures that through its own native Criptomoneda (Token DGTX), offers to its traders to operate without having any cost in the transactions, which gives as consequence that each investor has charge of commission ZERO in its operations.

What are the most salient features of DIGITEX?

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Undoubtedly trading without any commissions for each transaction, sounds really incredible and profitable when it comes to investing, as it minimizes on a large scale the loss of money with just the collection of these.

Next, I will point out which are the most outstanding characteristics of DIGITEX:

  • As I mentioned before, one of the main benefits and characteristics of DIGITEX is that it trades without commissions, which has resulted in a really good acceptance in the whole ecosystem.
  • Because Digitex is based on Blockchain technology this is completely private, in short, no entity can interfere and control the funds of investors, where in addition all the balances of existing accounts in DIGITEX, are protected by an intelligent decentralized contract based on the Blockchain of Ethereum, which is totally different and independent of the platform, which leaves out the exchange of control of these funds giving total security to them. Also there is no need to pass annoying verifications sending Names, addresses or personal documents to be able to operate since this allows you to trade immediately with only the requirement to have tokens DGTX.
  • DIGITEX has automated trading robots called “MarketMakers”, thanks to these the market within its platform remains highly liquid, tending a large internal side of approximately 200 million euros in tokens DGTX, which balances the functioning of purchases or sales in the platform according to what is presented.
  • The platform is really intuitive and easy to use with the naked eye, even if you are new to this type of stock in the Cryptographic world, offering a comfortable interface and that, due to its elegance, is increasingly attracting large investors from the world’s most popular futures markets.

What are the most salient features of the DGTX token?

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This crypto currency is native to the Digitex futures exchange, the DGTX token was created with the primary objective of creating demand for it and additional to be able to trade on its platform making fast exchanges obtaining small returns in the main crypto currencies as they are: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Among its main features and benefits we have:

  • First of all, all the people who want to trade in the Digitex futures exchange must have the DGTX token, in short, it must have a positive balance in order to be able to place buy or sell orders and access the market in such a way, as I commented before, this action will result in the demand for it being created by seeing its price exponentially over time.
  • The balances of all accounts will be reflected under the DGTX Token, which will result in all records of existing purchase and sale transactions being expressed with the same.
  • Thanks to the functionality of DIGITEX with zero commission costs, you will wonder how it could continue to operate over time, as this is due to the creation and sale of a small portion of totally new DGTX tokens each year in order to continue with the development and support of the platform.
  • The actions that can be taken according to the creation of new tokens, will be subject to vote by the creditors of these tokens DGTX, thanks to the system of decentralized governance that has the consensus algorithm of DIGITEX and which in turn guarantees a correct issuance of them avoiding the depreciation of the price of the token.
  • The purchase and sale operations are totally decentralized and protects both parties by placing the funds in an intelligent contract based on the Ethereum blockchain, which gives total security and impartiality in ja execution of all transactions.
  • The total supply of DGTX Tokens is (1,000,000,000 DGTX) equivalent to one billion, which over time its price has been revalued thanks to the demand generated to operate without any commission.

These billion DGTX were divided as follows:

  • 650 M DGTX (65%) DGTX Token Sale
  • 200M DGTX (20%) Digitex Market Makers
  • 100M DGTX (10%) Team (current and future)
  • 50M DGTX (5%) Referrals

What is the secret that makes the Digitex Exchange different from the existing ones?

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DIGITEX is an innovative exchange that combines the best of both aspects, both centralized and decentralized and in my opinion is one of the strongest points that will surely make it the best of all in a short time. Firstly, Digitex has the liquidity and speed of execution that centralized exchanges have, giving optimal operations and in a very short time. The second thing is that it protects the funds of all the investors in intelligent contracts backed in the Ethereum blockchain, essential particularity in the security and handling of the funds on the part of the same users, a quite powerful combination that will take this exchange of futures to the top.

How will it change that Cryptanalysers interact with futures?

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The fact that Digitex offers a hybrid market combining the best of both aspects, will change to a great extent how people will invest their funds, the power to create buy and sell orders without transaction costs and operating in a futures market that offers the necessary speed and security combining the ability to invest in an asset on a specific date and even a specific price decreasing its volatility in the future, without a doubt, it will generate massive adoption in the same one, besides that you must have to operate the tokens DGTX that at the same time generates demand and an exponential increase in the price, situation that could unchain absolute comfort in the investments.

Why are tariffs problematic for users operating in futures?

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Despite the low transaction costs of traditional futures markets, investors lose money with these exponentially as more investments are made, this simply means that if an investor has a large amount of money and decides to operate in the futures markets, the greater the volume of transactions, the more money he will lose for the cost of these, even though he has generated profits, a quite problematic situation since these rewards are not fully exploited and that is what Digitex changes when offering investments with zero cost in their transactions.

How does Digitex make users more profitable in their operations?

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This question is simple to answer and complements the previous one very well. If no additional fees are charged for any transaction, the more you invest in any asset, the greater the chance of increasing your rewards by a very high percentage, since if you trade with a lot or little money you will not lose in fees, which results in faster growth of initial capital as opposed to if you invested in a centralized futures exchange.

What is Digitex’s projection for the next years 2019, 2020 and 2021?

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The growth of DIGITEX is imminent and due to the way it works and combines the best of both aspects, in the next few years the exchange will experience a solid growth of the hand of its native crypto currency the DGTX, no doubt is a fairly innovative project that covers the needs that for years most investors not to say all dreamed ever, as it is very common in all traditional markets to charge commission per transaction, where in addition to this you must place the trust of your money in this which is what determines to a great extent the security of the funds, when instead with the exchange of Digitex futures, it has an immutable and totally decentralized layer to protect the funds in intelligent contracts that allow its users to control them, without a doubt the market will be more mature with less volatility and with more liquidity and without a doubt one of the exchanges that will be at the top Digitex.

What are the commercial rates that destroy the Investors’ profits?

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The rates that somehow segregate the profits that investors may have, are those that are presented in the exchanges with a high cost of transactions in their operations, in short, if normally the exchange of DIGITEX we get a return of $ 200 net because we do not take commission, in other exchanges of common futures these $200 must deduct the cost for the transaction that is charging at that time the same, and that increases depending on the amount we are investing, which can trigger that we actually earn a small portion of those $200 or simply end up in loss in the same.

What is the impact that granting power and control to users over the financing of Digitex Futures Exchange would trigger?

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This would certainly be a very positive impact, since users or investors who own DGTX tokens and who can vote through the governance offered by the Digitex protocol will offer evolution and control of the emissions of the primary token with which Digitex is traded, in short, people will not want to issue an absurd amount of tokens that triggers the value of the tokens to fall and depreciate, and they will agree to issue the tokens necessary to maintain and cover the development of the platform and its growth and to cover the development of the platform and its growth.


Overall it is a very good and interesting project that revolutionizes the way assets are traded through futures contracts and by combining the best of both aspects in speed, liquidity and security of the centralized and decentralized worlds through Blockchain technology, makes it a perfect exchange that anyone will undoubtedly want to invest in it.

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