Native: A platform to build communities in a simple way.

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Throughout history we have seen the evolution of trust money and how major nations took control of the world economy through Central Banks and the issuance of trust money or paper money as it is known today. The main governments of the world have formed a hegemony behind the total control of the global economy, which has led humanity to face on several occasions financial crises due to the incorrect administration and issuance of money.

Since ancient times, groups of people have gathered in order to direct the economy, production and administration of certain regions or even nations, these are also called “Communities”, which have evolved from generation to generation fomenting the so-called Governments, where they in turn have created the “Central Banks” and the so-called impression of inorganic money in the world, a practice that has created financial bubbles, bringing inflation.

The reason why I explain all this, is because this project which I will detail on this occasion, uses as a front initiation Blockchain Technology and the Criptomonedas, a new era of money in a digital way that, decentralized and autonomous, for some years now has been giving to talk and has grown exponentially, bringing administrations and emissions of many tokens that have created a distribution and emission of money much fairer and deflationary, where communities have also been created to direct certain projects.

It is here where the project called “NATIVE” is born, giving new opportunities of congregations of people for the direction and administration of projects by means of the Blockchain technology and the collective collaboration of people.

What is Native?

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Native is a platform that was born through the Ethereum Blockchain, where its main objective is to allow a group of people (Communities) with the same purpose, the issuance of an asset (Token-cryptocurrency), for the proper administration and management of resources in a collective and decentralized manner, that by means of certain tools and/or templates, allow these communities to participate in an emerging financial ecosystem, even if they do not possess the necessary knowledge in financial matters, to be able to take an idea or enterprise to the top, in a completely autonomous and decentralized way through Blockchain technology.

What are Native’s Basic Benefits?

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The main benefits of being able to issue a Token through a community that pursues the same objectives are:

Capital increase:

Generally, for a normal project to raise funds for its operation are done through mechanisms known as: crowdfunding bank loans among others. This changes because through Blockchain technology and the issuance of the token itself raise funds to start the project and meet its goals and objectives.

Decision making:

In any organization decisions are taken collectively but these actions are taken by the main shareholders, however, through Native anyone who is part of the community can intervene in decision-making collectively through the voting tools of that platform.

Value of the token:

A really valuable characteristic is to be able to give a utility to the token that is issued according to the purposes of that community, in turn, this allows the value to be exchanged within a global market, where through it these objectives can also be achieved.

What types of users do we find in Native?

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In all that is the ecosystem of NATIVE and the conformation of the communities, we will be able to find two types of users which will conform the group that will take this community to fulfill its goals and objectives. These users are:


They are the administrative figure who take the reins of this community, they possess from the beginning, all the necessary knowledge referring to the conformed group, which is equal to say that, they know the mission, the vision and the objectives that this one has. Added to this, they are responsible for reviewing all the content that is proposed so that all the information that comes out of the project is relevant and useful for the collective benefit of the same, approving or rejecting the work that the members of the community do.


They have a very important role, since the crucial decisions that certain projects and communities can take depend on them, besides having the power to change the main curator if he is not acting in an adequate way in favor of it, they also take the decisions that are taken around the capital raised from the project, sharing in turn, the values and objectives of the group, not less important these members can belong to several communities if they so wish.

What is the architecture of the NATIVE ecosystem?

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In order to be able to understand a little its architecture, one must abound in very technical aspects, which determine the emission and supply of the Tokens in question. In order to do this, I will try to explain as briefly and simply as possible for the collective understanding of all those who want to know more about this interesting project.

First of all, the whole ecosystem is comprised of two types of Tokens, these are:

  • Native Token
  • Community Token

Navite Token:

These tokens (NTV), which are distributed throughout the Native platform, are also called intelligent tokens which have a reservation, i.e. it works under a protocol called “Bancor Token Network (BNT)”, which creates an autonomous internal market that allows to exchange between two tokens within Native with a competent and fair market value giving transparency to the whole process. Native in this case also offers the community to modify this reserve in case the needs of the community are different, this change or rupture is done through a survey.

The division of Native’s tokens is as follows:

  • Community Fund = 50%.
  • Smart Token converter = 50%.

Community Token:

These tokens are the ones created for each enterprise project that this community has, all the reserves that these tokens have are in Native (NTV).

The following image shows the standard structure of these tokens:

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What are the types of communities within Native?

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In order to determine which communities are currently congregated, the project NATIVE, conducted a comprehensive market study, reaching first to stipulate 5 general categories which are:


The capital obtained in this type of events will be to finance types of festivals, either monthly or annual, depending on the project in question.


In this type, the funds raised are used only for operations, ie, works that require this type of help from the community.

Local Theater:

The funds obtained are only used for the production costs of the work.


The funds collected will be used for specific projects.

Community-financed projects (CFP):

Here the funds collected will only be used for specific projects, where the members of the same believe they generate additional value, these are managed by a curator or group of people who are linked to the project, in addition to the members themselves who are supporting the project through the templates and votes, can also contribute to it.

According to all this information, there is a breakdown expressed in percentages, where you can see with what amount the project will be supported.

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How do you use the NATIVE platform?

In a very positive way, NATIVE already has its Alpha platform in Mainnet working, there are already some pilot communities congregated, where you can also acquire tokens (NTV) in a very simple way. The requirement to be able to start and enter the pilot communities, is a wallet of “Metamask”, have in your Wallet some Ethereum and download or have in your computer preferably Brave or Cipher browsers. In the following link, you will be able to see the steps of detailed way to be able to enter to the same one.

Native Platform Login Guide

What is Native’s main objective and vision?


The main objective that NATIVE pursues as a project is that the groups of people who have the same goal and want to promote their own project or initiative, do it together, forming a community, which in turn may integrate an internal economy to the same through the creation of community tokens that will finance it. Thanks to the way the community creation model is shaped, all those who want to be part of it will be able to vote, acquire memberships and carry out transactions.


The creation of NATIVE as a project was propitiated because its creator, whose name is “Jake Vartanian”, wanted to learn how a group of people can work collectively and legally, for something that interests them or pursue, with the aim of fulfilling it, believes that teamwork is the basis for society to flourish and can maximize any venture they propose to do.

Pilot Communities

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To test Native’s platform, 6 pilot communities are already in operation, with different objectives and purposes, where below I will show you a description of them:

Earth Guardians:

A non-profit organization, with a new leadership model, designed to educate and amplify its ideals and passions, in order to equip itself with the use of some tools and provide innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges of the modern world.

Imaginal Films:

It is a community that, under a decentralized ecosystem, the creators of multimedia content can come together to produce and develop conscious movies.

SDG Futures:

Community created to bring technologies and decentralized communities to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (ODS).

Peace Accelerators:

A non-profit organization based in New York that brings together a group of community-oriented individuals who focus primarily on technology with a view to the future, and who are committed to accelerating the spread of world peace through talks, events and campaigns.


It is a community that focuses on decentralized open learning in order to lead a group of people to a smarter future education.

Rick & Morty Crew:

It’s a community of fans, 100% committed in order to embrace the Wubbalbadubdub!

Main uses of NATIVE

Mainly all those who want to be part of a community can do so through NATIVE and its platform, only those interested should enter the community that wish to support and buy their tokens and with them be able to vote on initiatives that arise. They also have the particularity of creating a community, bringing together people who have the same purpose as its creator and where their growth will be evaluated through the votes of members.

How will NATIVE change the way communities work?

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This platform created under Blockchain technology and that in a decentralized way gathers all those who want to belong or create a community is a change that goes from North to South today. What I mean to say is that the way in which resources will be managed and decisions made about the direction of the community is a great change, since there is no way in which creators or administrators can take advantage of the capital raised since through the votes the members have the final word of everything that is done in the community.

What are the benefits of a platform that connects people who have a common interest?

There are many benefits which I can highlight below:

  • They can congregate online in a very simple way
  • There are no barriers or geographical limits that limit you to pursue your ideals.
  • From a distance you can have a voice and a vote on the decisions made.
  • You can have an internal economy whether you are a Curator or a Member that will help you to promote it.
  • All the execution is decentralized and distributed by the hand of Blockchain Technology.

What is the impact of having an economy that enables the community to achieve its goals?

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To have an internal economy that allows this community to achieve each of its objectives through the creation of a token that can be exchanged fairly is something incredible, the power to monetize a project based on a decentralized currency that will generate confidence to all stakeholders is undoubtedly a positive impact for everyone who wants to be part of it, as commented all this is done in a decentralized and distributed where this administration of resources will be clearly very fair and surely call the attention of all who want to create or be part of any community.

How will Native change the way communities can begin and grow?

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Generally, in order for a community to be able to start, it needs capital to be able to pay for the different activities that its objectives entail, this means that they would need a bank loan or a fundraising system, where they will ask for a series of requirements to be able to support them, these actions can take a long time and slow down the progress of the same. However, thanks to NATIVE this way of raising funds under the creation of a token itself, which will have an intrinsic value according to the confidence that its members have and in which you can parameterize the total supply of the same and you can redeem in a simple way to carry out the objectives of the same is a very positive change, simple and best of all under a decentralized and distributed environment where managers will not be able to take advantage of the efforts or contributions of their members to enrich themselves.

How can Native be used to pursue an interest?

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In a very simple way you could use NATIVE to pursue an interest, you just have to have very clear what your project is, what goals and objectives you want to meet and leverage with the NATIVE platform to form a team that allows you to achieve those ideals you have. Already in previous questions clarify many key points of how NATIVE can serve to monetize a venture, at this point you just have to be very clear on the points I just commented and with it you can begin to build your community in order to meet those objectives and be able to do it in the most transparent and safe possible of the hand of Blockchain technology and an internal economy under the creation of an own token.

Use Cases in Native

Marty is an amateur film producer.

He wants to look for and form a team of producers in order to share knowledge and experiences that allow them, the production of a film. In the process he meets the NATIVE platform and discovers that a community is already established that shares the same ideals and knowledge to carry out cinematographic productions.

Now Marty will be able to buy the community’s tokens in order to make a production proposal that allows all members to vote to decide whether to execute the production. Native gives them the opportunity to share experiences together in an internal economy that allows them to excel in each of their ideals.


Native in general opens the doors to an endless number of applications at a collective level, which will allow all those who want to be part of a community or whether to create it, to carry out all their ideals of any venture or project they have in mind according to the establishments named by Native. Added to this, it allows the creation of a collaborative economy, supported by a token, which allows a fair administration of decentralized and distributed resources without risks of corruption in it.

Team Native

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