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Generally in the market of Criptomonedas when we want to exchange some currency for another, which is the same to say, (Buy a currency), we must go to the most known traditional exchanges to be able to make that transaction and acquire the currency in question. These exchanges in order to take your exchange order and can be processed, you must go through a series of steps and / or verifications so that this company can verify all your data and can handle your money with your consent and perform such operations.

Before this process, we must send a series of documents of personal identification, that will allow the personnel of support and verification of these exchanges, to verify the identity of each user to be able to accede completely to the system, this is usually in some cases a little cumbersome, since they must take photographs with documents, the calls (Selfies), in addition to scan these documents to annex them, which would bring as consequence that the time of verification is more prolonged, doing of this way later the process.

These are some of the most common and main problems that we can find in a traditional exchange of crypto coins, but that, with the arrival of “OnePageX”, to a large extent are solved due to its easy access and the simple way we can use it.

What is OnePageX

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OnePageX (OnePageExchange) is a Criptomoney exchange with a really friendly interface, understandable and easy to handle that offers a wide range of currencies which we can exchange one for another. The main objective OnePageX, is to be able to take the exchanges to a level where they can be executed from any environment in a fast and safe way without setbacks that delay the processes. It does not require any prior registration to carry out operations, so it is as simple as just having clear which currency we want to execute an exchange later.

OnePageX a platform that works without Registration.

As I said before, this platform does not have a previous registration process like any other exchange of Criptomonedas present in the ecosystem, simply enter your website, execute the corresponding operations and just save the URL of the same, either in a bookmark in our browser or in a Notepad, for example, enough to track our transactions as well as our history of changes. It should be noted that the addresses generated can be used indefinitely, so there are no restrictions when using the platform.

OnePageX and the number of crypto coins listed for exchange.

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This excellent project that offers us an easier and friendly exchange for all, contains a large number of available crypto coins that are around 140 coins listed to make a trade. Currently in this initial launch of the platform are only exchanges available from Bitcoin, which is the same to say that transactions can be made from BTC to the other crypts available.

The Vision and Objectives of OnePageX

It is important that for each project we know where it can go in the future, what are its objectives and vision in the medium and long term. In this case the Vision and Objectives of OnePageX are the following:


Its vision is simple, which is to allow the operations of purchase and sale of a large number of crypto currencies in a simple and easy to use.


They are also very clear and is to add in time many more crypto coins to be able to trade, additional also have plans to add to STEEM soon which would also be really beneficial to it.

Exchange process OnePageX

The interchange process is really simple offering a pleasant interface for any user, even if he does not have much knowledge in the ecosystem Blockchain and Criptomoney, this undoubtedly puts “OnePageX” in a very favorable position for its growth and mass adoption.

These transactions are reflected in the form of cards, allowing users who are performing the operation, can access them at any time.

Next, I will point out each of the statuses that a transaction takes before it is fully completed:

Initial Process

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Status of transactions

As I said before, these transactions are reflected in the form of cards, so in each of the steps for a transaction to be complete, they reflect a status, with which you can determine what stage my transaction is in order to properly follow up on it.

Indicator 1

This reflects when the transaction is newly created on the platform.

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Indicator 2

In this card, already the transaction has been loaded, the Bitcoins were sent and we are waiting for two confirmations

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Indicator 3

In this, the exchange has already been completed, now we move to a withdrawal phase, which is the same as saying that the platform is processing the sending of your funds in the currency you requested.

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Indicator 4

This card reflects that the withdrawal has been completed, meaning that your funds were sent for complete and you should already have the currency you requested in your wallet.

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OnePageX and its integration for Web pages or Business Blogs

Currently many websites revolve around the world of crypto currencies, many businesses and entrepreneurship opportunities have been created and many times we need to have a certain crypto currency available that allows us to either invest in a project or make a purchase online more quickly.

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Currently many websites revolve around the world of crypto currencies, many businesses and entrepreneurship opportunities have been created and many times we need to have a certain crypto currency available that allows us to either invest in a project or make a purchase online more quickly.

For this OnePageX, has implemented a Widget able to integrate to any Web site with just copy and paste an HTML code, allowing all users to make quick exchanges of crypto coins anywhere, this complement has by name “OneBox”, which undoubtedly makes this project even more adoption.


Benefits of OnePageX

This project brings many benefits for the ecosystem of the cryptomonedas and the trade of the same ones in general, for this I will point out the most relevant aspects that I notice that can be very favorable in this scope.

These benefits are the following:

  • It is an exchange that offers a very easy to use interface, even without having experience in the traditional exchanges of Criptomonedas.
  • It has a large number of listed crypto currencies, which makes it very attractive for mass adoption.
  • The speed of transactions is very fast and almost instantaneous, however, this depends on the network in general, commonly transactions are completed in 25 minutes.
  • In order to carry out operations it is not necessary to register in the platform, it is enough to save the URL to be able to follow our transactions.
  • It has a Widget that can be integrated into any web page to facilitate trade.

Why is it important to have a wide selection of crypto coins?

The fact that an exchange or platform has a large number of crypto coins to facilitate trade is really important and beneficial for both users and the exchange itself, this is because it opens up a great possibility of options for those who use the platform, resulting in the massive adoption of this technology and the trade itself is expanded in such a way that everyone can use it easily without prior technical or financial knowledge.

What is the benefit of being able to make multiple exchanges from one page?

Particularly the biggest benefits that I observe are related to the adoption and use of crypto coins in any field, allowing monetize and facilitate in any business the exchanges of these digital currencies that are becoming more and more famous around the world, in addition to all this, the volumes of transactions and holdings of crypto coins will increase, because to be able to use a platform so easily gives the tools to enter this technological world even if you do not have much knowledge of it.

How does the amount of available assets compare to other exchanges?

Other exchanges of crypto currencies such as Binance which is the largest Exchange with more volume of transactions today, has a large number of crypto coins listed even over 140 currencies, this is because these exchanges mostly centralized seek to give trading opportunities and access to this world and additional to be able to trade and get rewards for it. On the other hand, the fact that OnePageX has a large number from the beginning, as I said, is really beneficial for the ecosystem and facilitates the life of many users in this very important aspect which can be the backbone of the ecosystem for all these projects.

Why is it important that OnePageX does NOT require registration?

Mainly I consider that one of the best weapons that Blockchain technology provides is anonymity, operating and exchanging in the traditional markets of crypto currencies requires that we attach personal documents which for the eyes of the exchanges is a measure of control and security, but not many users agree with this, because providing this information is delicate, which completely resolves OnePageX, being able to exchange and trade without the need to attach this type of information giving confidentiality and anonymity to all transactions, without naming the facility for these.

Use Case

Rebeka is an enthusiast of Blockchain technology and Criptomoney, so most of her economic and financial world revolves around it, which takes her to a platform where you can buy and sell objects with Criptomoney, in this sense entering the first website only accepted Litecoin as a form of payment, which led her to look for another website that accepted the currency she had at that time.

To her surprise she found a Web where objects are also sold and bought, but she has an integration in her web page that caught her attention, it is the OneBox Widget, this platform also accepted Litecoin and Ethereum to make purchases, but using this integration she was able to exchange in a simple way and without any registration, the cryptomoneda that she needed, in this case “Litecoin”, having access in a simple way to the exchange, to be able to buy what she needed in just a few minutes, being completely delighted with the operation and integration of the OnePageX platform.


In general I see this platform really promising, I like the simple way it can adapt to any exchange at any time and place, in addition to providing anonymity and speed, compared to the traditional exchanges of Criptomonedas, offers an integration in any field very beneficial for any venture or business. I see much adoption in the medium and long term throughout the ecosystem bringing with it a resounding success to make exchanges in a simple, fast and reliable manner.

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