OnePageX: Cryptoactive exchange platform at your fingertips

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In this opportunity, I want to present you a new platform of exchanges of crypto coins, which presents us with great opportunities of exchange; and which in turn can be adaptable to any website of which you are administrator. Its name is “OnePageX”.

What is OnePageX?

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OnePageX is a platform for exchanging crypto coins, which offers a large amount of active Crypto, where you have the ability to exchange one for another quickly and easily. While it is true that we could easily do this for a recognized Exchange such as “Binance”, the difference is that OnePageX does not require any prior registration on the platform, so you should not go through cumbersome KYC checks, or deliver personal data, but rather quickly and without these processes you can make exchanges easy and fast.

Which Criptomedas are listed for the Exchange?

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OnePageX has more than 140 Criptomoney listings, among which are the most solid main projects of all the Cryptomarket, more importantly, you have the ability to easily obtain, the tokens that are most used as a means of payment for varieties of online services.

What are the benefits of using OnePageX?

It really is a very good platform, this way I will name the benefits that OnePageX has and that without a doubt will make the exchange process easier.

- Mainly one of its benefits is, to be able to exchange crypto currencies at any time without any registration.

- It has a wide range of currencies, so the exchange options are many.

- It is adaptable to any Web site thanks to its Widget called “OneBox”.

- For the remainder of 2018, OnePageX will charge 0% on interchange fees, which is really positive and should be taken advantage of.

- Just save the URL to keep track of our transactions.

- The speed of transactions is very fast and almost instantaneous, however, this depends on the network in general, commonly transactions are completed in 25 minutes.

This way I invite you to use this great platform, which offers great benefits such as comment and can also be used for your online business without problems, for a change, easy, fast and secure.

Accessing the OneBox Widget

Link: OneBox

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