Patron: A platform that connects influencers and sponsors with their objectives.

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A long time ago, for people to connect with their target audience and could perform Marketing, there were companies that were dedicated to that end, now many of these companies no longer exist and the connection of these influencers and sponsors are commonly made by the service of SNS (Social Networking Service), however, this in some cases can become more difficult than it seems, because connecting properly with a target audience and demographically takes a lot of work and effort in most cases is quite exhausting, having results in the very long term.

All this is about to change, thanks to a platform that facilitates all this work, both for influencers, sponsors and followers, connecting them demographically, with the same objectives, making each of their networks grow completely organized and healthy with much less effort and worth trying without doubt. This platform is called “Patron” and it is the one that I come to present to you in this publication so that you can become familiar with it and use it for such purposes.

What is Patron and how does it work?

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Patron is a platform that helps you to make a good Marketing with the help of your social networks, where it also allows you to divide the influencers by categories and classify them according to their followers, which will greatly allow successful campaigns capable of attracting the attention of a real audience interested in the activity that makes this influencer. All these actions are recorded in the chain of blocks, which does not require any deposit for the counterpart to comply, everything is recorded immutably in it.

The functioning of Patron, is relatively simple, however, for more information and to see it in a more illustrative way, to understand its services, I leave you the following image:

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What are the types of users in Patron?

In Patron there are 3 types of users, which are:

  • Host; or Influencer
  • Guest; or Sponsor
  • Fan; or follower

Influences or Hosts:

These can perform various jobs within the platform, as they can establish contracts to promote the brand of a sponsor during the time that the agreement between the parties. All these actions are according to what each contract establishes.

Sponsors or Guests:

The Sponsors, as I mentioned before, can promote their brand through these Influential ones, where a contract is established, also, they can obtain followers during a period of time established according to a demographic market, which means that, through a contract, they can choose them as long as it has to do with the material that the Influencer is advertising, they can also block certain followers of a specific market, depending on the already determined contracts that this one has.

Fan or Followers:

These are those who look for specific content according to their ideals, in short, they look for an influential person to represent them or to transmit the information they want to get.

How can Patron determine the value of an Influent?

This one has 3 essential aspects with which to observe the value that each one possesses, these are:

  1. Number of Followers: This as its name says is determined by the number of users who follow the Influencer.
  2. The Level of Commitment: This is given by the attention given by the Influencer to his followers, so commonly these are the most important for their development.
  3. Reputation: This is simply determined by the comments made by the followers of that Influencer.

Patron’s token and all its information

Patron manages its own token which is determined by the following acronym “PAT”, it is based on Ethereum’s Blockchain, under the ERC-20 protocol. Here I present all the details of it:

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What is the benefit of directly connecting influential people with businesses?

The benefit that this connection brings is mainly associated with what both parties want to win, for it Patron establishes contracts, so that both parties can get what they want, in a nutshell, these companies or Sponsors, succeed in boosting their brand and influential get many more followers according to what they know how to do and that helps them boost their own reputation and design their own business.

How do influencers benefit from using Patron?

The benefit is very clear, they can get followers according to their target audience in a demographic way, which, to a great extent, facilitates an arduous job trying to find people who correspond to the niche in which they operate.

How do companies benefit from using Patron?

Simply taking your brand to thousands of people and without much work, all this thanks to the Influential, as Patron is responsible for getting demographically what these sponsors need, facilitating the work of targeted marketing to a large extent.

How does Patron allow targeted demographic access and why is this important?

Thanks to Blockchain technology, many things are becoming possible throughout society and this has now reached social networks. Patron allows both Influencers and Sponsors, to access a target audience according to a targeted demographic access that runs within this technology and thanks to an intelligent contract, this is of paramount importance as it allows easy access to all to fulfill their Marketing strategies on a single platform and in a truly simple manner.

Case of use

Michael is very active on social networks, has a large number of followers amounting to 20,000,000, owns a kind of online clothing store through Instagram and Facebook and has had good results thanks to his perseverance under hard work. Sara is the name of a very famous clothing store, but only sells the same in their physical stores, its purpose is to expand through social networks and establish an online store to maximize sales, thus, this prestigious store is with the PATRON platform, because after several attempts in these networks was not successful, decides to try this.

Thanks to the operation of Patron, The Sara store finds the great influence that is Michael and his online store, through Patron, Sara enters as a Sponsor and decides to make a contract with Michael to promote his new online store through the networks and where he can also go directly to its target audience, winning Michael a good contract with some extra income and the Sara store getting positioned in the Social Networks.


As far as I’m concerned, Patron is an excellent platform, full of many opportunities for a great market such as Social Networks, because doing everything that this project can offer manually, is a very big job and it takes quite a long time to build it and now in the hands of it we have a great opportunity to grow, whether we are content creators or want to offer a service through social networks, in short, we can use it for a myriad of tasks and that’s why I hope very much for this great project.

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