Be Not Afraid Of Donald Trump: Be Afraid Of The People Who Support Him
Abby Norman

Wow… what a vindictive article and 100% wrong. Yes, I am a white male, 53 yrs. old, a conservative by most measures, yes. I was brought up by a lesbian mother and her significant other. My mother was an Irish Catholic and a Catholic grade school teacher when I was young. This was before the Second Ecumenical Council in 1962 to begin with. I have a Black Daughter-in-Law and a Black Son-in-Law who I am proud to call my Son and Daughter. I have six grandchildren from my first marriage and five grandchildren from my second wife’s first marriage. Three of our grandchildren on my side are who would be considered of mixed race, although none are considered that by any of the two melded families. They are simple cousins. None loved more by my wife or myself on either side as they are all our children, and grandchildren. So I’m neither homophobic or racist. I have been known to swear when provoked, but I am not violent unless a loved one in physically threatened or I feel I am threatened myself.

I was brought up in Detroit, a blue-collar town but in an era that was more church, mosque, or temple driven. Origin Language was mixed, English could be well spoken, broken, or foul. In our neighborhood that did not make you better or worse, just who you were. We got a long for the most part, we were courteous to one another, and we helped when a family needed help, and our parents all, were to be respected as we were watched and cared for by them all. Any parent was not just allowed but expected to correct any neighborhood child as they would their own. Verbal and physical spankings were at times delivered by your friends’ parent, then you got an additional correction of different magnitudes at home. And I am a respectful, law-abiding citizen, parent, grandparent, a committed and super-responsible multiple-level management employee from 20 yrs. old until I was disabled at 59 yrs. old.

I am a Donald Trump Voter. I do not agree with Donald Trump’s vulgarity, or lewd behavior with women. I do see Donald Trump as a product of his age, his background, and his worker-first employment behaviors. I agree 100% with Donald Trump’s Platform. And when I was eighteen years old I made the statement and understood the only way to take down the United States as a Country and a World-Power to be reasoned with would be financially. And if I understood that at eighteen years old how is that half of the United States can’t understand that today. Hillary has “NO” answers. Obamacare was Hillarycare, Fast and Furious was George W. Bush Administration Idea. Spend more, bigger government, more meddling with more federal regulations, increased taxes, debt and freebees are all that Hillary and the Democrats know. Other than flooding the Country with Illegal Immigrants, Un-Vetted Muslim Refugees, and buying oversea favors by committing million to billions of U.S. tax-payer misused dollars which of at least fifty percent of the time ended up in enemy combatant hands or in anti-American Countries who would use it for propaganda of terrorist support, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder and the last eight years of past and present Obama Administration have done nothing positive for the citizens of these amazing United States.

So please don’t be dismissive in categorizing we Donald Trump Supporters. What you listed were lies and innuendos and slanderous remarks for which there is no bearing only a desperate attempt by a losing liberal watching her party candidate flounder over her and President Obama’s “Obstruction of Justice” acts and directives. Don’t release her emails, she orders 30,000 email destroyed many with top secret and “For your Eyes Only” plainly labeled. Hillary proved indecisive in the Benghazi Attack, Hillary’s claim of political experience makes her the right candidate. But as our Secretary of State Hillary and President Obama made the entire Middle East the most unstable it’s been in 30years or more. Toppled Muslim Government after Muslim Government killing thousands and thousands of innocent Muslim Citizens through air-strikes or U.S. Drone Attack.

The result, more attacks and attempted terrorist attacks within the United States than all previous presidents’ added together. Not even a close competition. More U.S. citizens killed by terrorist during President Obama’s Regime.

No I am not angry. I am informed. I make my own decisions. I am not easily coerced. I am Voting for Donald Trump, because Hillary is a poor decision maker, a follower of a failed and broken, corrupt and biased group of liberal leaders that since at least 1962 have slowly been destroying our Country. I know because I saw it and predicted it. I care because I want my great- grandchildren’s’ grandchildren to know the Country I grew up in’s grace, strength, belief in God, opportunities for a better education, more employment opportunities, and a Country they can and will be proud of. So please, Abbey Norman, please… take your biased, frightened, ideas — and listen to some common sense.

Hillary Clinton is unfit to be President of the United States. President Obama has just been a puppet for the Liberal Elite. President Obama has done nothing for his race or Minorities in general. Loss jobs, poor education, you name it, the liberals controlling the schools since the early 60’s have created one of the most wasteful and unproductive education systems in the world for the average Americans children.

No, you are unfit to criticize myself and our fellow Americans.

Thank you,

Len Saunders.

Just a nobody who cares and is unafraid to respond to misinterpretations, exaggerations, and outright lies.

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