11 Small things which can improve your productivity

I have been giving excuses to take actions for the big dreams of my life. When I looked at the excuses closely, I realised that they were not really excuses. The big things in life need the small things to be right. Once they are all set, if you still give excuses you are blaming things.

Do you do these small things in the right way?

1) Room temperature:

I live in a tropical climate. When I am outside, it is humid. When I am in office, the temperature is as low as 16 degrees centigrade. I shiver. It distracts me and makes me feel sick.

2) Right Clothes/Footwear:

Are your trousers too tight that you are not able to breath? Is your shirt oversize that it falls off the shoulders? Is your skirt too long that you might tip and fall? Are your shoes biting you?

I walk long distances. My footwear started hurting me but I kept ignoring them. But one fine day I got rid of them.

One of my friends wears high heels everyday. It is definitely not comfortable to walk around in them. But she must have got accustomed to that pain. But is it really worth it?

3) Posture:

Is your chair comfortable? Does it have the right height for your desk? Are you looking at your screen in the right angle? Are you holding your phone in the right way?

I find it very uncomfortable when I don’t have elbow space when I am commuting. I was holding my phone in the wrong way which I realised only after hurting my little finger.

4) Mattress and pillow:

You sleep for 8 hours everyday. Is your mattress good enough for you?

I realised the harm I was doing for myself when I realised that my pillow is not comfortable enough for me.

5) Commutation:

Does your commuting method give you a back pain? Do your legs get cramped in your car?

They might sound like silly things but you need to fix them immediately.

6) Food:

Do you eat at untimely intervals? Do you eat junk to get done with filling your stomach quickly?

If you are not eating right, you need stop everything you do and fix that first. I carry nuts with me to kill the hunger pangs. I cook curd rice is nothing else is available. What you eat matters a lot not just for the short term but also the long term.

7) Sleep:

It is one of the most ignored part of life. One day you sleep by 12. The next day at 3. And a few days of no sleep at all. Compensate the entire thing over weekend.

Instead go early to bed. And see the drastic change in your life.

8) Water:

Lack of cold water in a hot climate. Lack of hot water in cold climate. Availability of right temperature water in the right climate.

Try them. You will know the difference.

9) Pen:

Nothing can be more frustrating than a pen which does not write well. Go to an examination or a meeting with a pen with comfortable grip and superb flow. Happiness is in small things.

10) Computer:

At one point of time in my life, I had to use MS Access to refresh an excel file. I could not use my system at all for 3 hours while the refresh happened. It was one of the slowest systems. It is quite frustrating to waste productive hours in feeling frustrated about the computer not being fast enough.

11) Organised wardrobe/desk:

Can’t find a matching trouser for your shirt? Can’t find the tie at all? And all this happens when you are getting late for a meeting?

Organised wardrobe saves you from feeling frustrated early in the morning.

What are your small things which helped you in achieving big things in life? Let us know in the comments section.

Happy fixing the small things!

Originally published at www.lensq.com on August 15, 2017.

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