Why we make coffee and jokes and babies

Lynne Hand, Flickr, Creative Commons, http://bit.ly/1IHISEo

I’m going to guess that this morning you made the alarm clock stop beeping, made coffee, made the bed (though I wouldn’t bet my life on that), made yourself look presentable and then you either have made or will make your way to work so that you can make hay while the sun shines.

You did all this (and maybe a lot more) because you, my friend, are a maker.

The Good Book says God, the ultimate Maker, made us humans in His image. We are chips off the eternal Block…meaning, among other things, it is our essential nature to make things.

Thus we make phone calls, make plans, make decisions and make mistakes (often then making excuses before we make mid-course corrections). We make faces, make light, make jokes, and make merry. We make out, make love, and make babies. We make messes and trouble constantly, thereby making others miserable (or sad or angry or wary). If we are humble, we make ourselves make amends. If we are wise, we make time to try to make sense of where we find ourselves.

Sometimes, sadly, we make enemies and make war. Yet, as terrible as that is, we also have it within us to make the effort to make up.

Here’s the beautiful truth: We are makers. God designed us with this incredible, god-like capacity to create. And God made this once-in-a-lifetime day as a kind of work space or laboratory for us to do our thing.

So, what will you make today? A meal? A memory? Art? A new friend? An old friend laugh? Peace with your past? Progress toward a goal? Your home available? An effort to reach out and listen and help?

You and I are makers. And when we make up our minds to (a) use our God-given abilities; and (b) seize the opportunities before us, we make the best of all things…a difference.

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