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4. Write a short paper based on the chapter’s opening case. Answer the following questions (Information Technology Project Management, 7e, page 140, Opening Case):

a. What do you think the real problem was in this case?

Lack of proper communication was the main problem and Nick has no strategic planning or project planning. They starts the assigned project without creating a plan. Also, Nick took the place of the role of a Software Integrator and a Trouble shooter. In this case, He’s unable to execute the role of being a Project Manager.

b. Does the case present a realistic scenario? Why or why not?

Yes. For a beginner like Nick, he haven’t experience yet of being a Project Manager. So, he have no any idea how to handle that kind of situation. And Nick could not manage his team well.

c. Was Nick Carson a good project manager? Why or why not?

No, because he has no strategic planning or project planning. As a Project Manager, you need to manage your team/ people in order to have a good relationship and your team can share their ideas. Project Manager also act as project leader. And also, Nick did not assign his team of what kind of roles they were handle.

d. What should top management have done to help Nick?

Top Management should at least discuss their plan to Nick because Nick is just new in his position as a Project Manager and he has no any experience as a Project Manager.

e. What could Nick have done to be a better project manager?

He needs to have an strategic planning/ project planning. And as a Project manager, he’s the one who will manage his people/ his team, monitor the progress and performance of his project or he need to use a project charter.