Here’s Why I’m Running for Mars School Board

For you and other members of our community, it was important to me to put on paper exactly why I am asking you to consider writing in my name for Mars School Board on November 7th.

First, for those of you who don’t know me, an introduction: My name is Megan Lenz. I am a Mom to three kids, with my oldest being in first grade at the primary center. I grew up in Pine Township, but spent a lot of my time in the Mars area. I was a paramedic all over the north hills and right here in Mars until 2012, when I started staying home. My bachelor’s degree is in emergency medicine, but I took classes in college on managing non-profit organizations as well as business finance. We purchased a 21-acre farm in Adams Township​ eight years ago. My husband is a police officer.

Words can’t express how much I love my family, but I decided to run for school board for all of our children, not just for my own. Put simply, when it comes to the Mars schools, I feel like it’s time we put the children first. I believe in financial responsibility and transparency. The community should understand — as well as have a say in — how the funds of the school district are being spent. I believe in curriculum expansion to ensure our children are fully prepared and competitive after graduation, whether they are going on to college, pursing technical training, or going right into the workforce. I also believe that it is important to support the arts, athletics, special and gifted education, vocational education, as well as professional development for our teachers.

I believe in managing the growth and expansion of our district appropriately. This includes ensuring small class sizes to benefit both our students and our educators, as well as providing the facilities necessary so that all students have the resources they need to reach their full potential. But, I do believe in faculty over facilities. Buildings that are understaffed do no service to our children; quality educators should be the number one priority. I believe in the retention of educators and support staff. People from our community who feel valued and appreciated will always work harder for our children. Our schools should be a second home for our children, and our teachers and support staff should feel that way, too.

Strong schools create strong adults who live and work in our community. Good schools create thriving communities. Whether you have children in the Mars schools, you don’t anymore, or you never have, you have a stake in the success of the Mars Area School District.

I have been humbled by the community’s support thus far in my campaign. My bid for school board happened a bit by accident. I had some questions about decisions that were being made. As I began to attend board meetings more regularly, It became clear to me that unless I was on the other side of the table at meetings, I would not be able to understand the full picture of why certain things were occurring.

To elaborate, here are some of the reasons why I’m running for school board:

  1. Financial Responsibility and Transparency: We are fortunate enough to live in an economically developing area with a growing tax base. I believe it is a school board member’s responsibility to spend tax money in a reasonable and accountable fashion. I believe the community should have an understanding and a say in how this money is spent. We need to work to diversify our funding through grants, while advocating for more adequate and reliable funding from Harrisburg.
  2. Curriculum Expansion: I believe the school board should work to help students be as competitive as possible after high school. This includes introducing foreign language at a young age, multiple AP classes, learning enrichment, as well as growth in the special education/gifted education department. I also believe in supporting vocational education, growth in arts, athletics, and professional development for staff. The future of our children depends on good education. Strong schools equal strong adults who work and live in our community. The culture and sustainability of the Mars community depends on our children’s educational experience.
  3. Growth and Expansion Development: I believe we need to strive to offer reasonable class sizes in a growing area. I believe we need to offer state of the art technology, labs, and facilities. That being said, we need to prioritize faculty over facilities. A building that is not properly staffed does no good to our children.
  4. Retention of Educators and Support Staff: I believe we want people from our community working in our schools. I believe in working hard to keep good people. People who feel valued and appreciated will always work harder for our children.
  5. Community Involvement: I will work to solve problems on the school board cooperatively with school board members, administration, educators, and parents. I believe everyone in the community should be involved and have a voice in our children’s education. I would work to cultivate community involvement in the schools. We are fortunate as a community to have several professionals and small business owners who have a lot to offer educationally. We must utilize those resources.

I thank you so much for your time. I am asking for a chance to volunteer my time to bring new ideas to our school board. I would be grateful if you would consider writing my name in on November 7th.

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