The Case for Stopping to Ask What’s Really Relevant

Software projects — especially ones that go on for a long time — can only benefit from verifying every now and then that everyone is still working towards the same goals.

Every once in a while, part of my role as a product owner at Turbine Kreuzberg is to think about new features we would like to make available to the users of the platform we are working on. After all, every project comes to a point where it’s no longer just about implementing a predefined set of requirements, but about creating new functionalities. There are plenty of sources to…

How being lazy can be much more efficient

Some time ago, the Product Owner Team of one of our client projects was restructured. As a result, I became part of the Product Owner Team.

What? Product Owner Team? The Highlander rule applies to Product Owners: There can only be one!

Yes, there can be a team. In fact, it’s perfectly okay if there is a team. While the Scrum Guide says that there can only be one Product Owner, this does not mean the number 1.

Instead, the Scrum Guide makes it clear that there must be a single authority that makes a decision. This authority must not…

Wie man Scrum trotz Unterbrechungen argumentieren kann

Unser internes und selbständig arbeitendes Team stellte auf Scrum um, um der Spontanität ihres Aufgabenbereichs gerecht zu werden. Zur Umsetzung wünschten sie sich Hilfe bei Organisation und Projektmanagement, die durch einen Product Owner erfolgen sollte. Bekommen haben sie einen Product Owner mit Entwicklungshintergrund und invasiven Tendenzen — mich. Statt brav Sekretär zu spielen, begann ich, agiles Gedankengut zu etablieren und den Backlog zu übernehmen. Das musste Irritationen hervorrufen!

Lev Stejngardt

worked as PHP developer; working as Product Owner at Turbine Kreuzberg GmbH; like traveling, Sushi, motif socks & aprendo espanol

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