phpMyAdmin GSoC contributions

I’m finishing the refactor in the directories that are already in the right structure, only the table directory is not ready.

I’ve been working on the databases templates directories, which I’ve finished a couple of weeks ago, and the server templates which I’ve finished last week, during this last one, I spent some reasonable time changing the tests for ServerEnginesController, to make it work with the new structure. There was a problem, at the test for the single engine show page, that the engine used for test is not so common nowadays, and I had replaced a function call for its code in the indexAction function, and where this function tests if the engine ‘Pbxt’ isValid(), which always returned false, because the engine pbxt is not installed. The old test bypassed this conditional by calling directly the getHtml function for pbxt engine. After a lot of failed tests, I’ve realized that the best thing to do for now was to keep the getHtml function.

Now all of my efforts are focused on finishing the tables directory, this is the directory with the biggest number of templates, 45 in total.