Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions — GSoC 2nd & 3rd Weeks

Leonardo Strozzi
Jun 4, 2018 · 1 min read

It’s been three weeks since the beginning of my project. It’s been a real challenge.

2nd week

During my second week I removed all of the php functions Twig extensions. Some of this extensions required a lot of effort because they were used on a template deep in the includes tree.

3rd week

Last week I started to deal with the templates. After defining the directory structure of the templates, I began with the directories that are already in this structure, database, server and table. I finished refactoring the db_central_columns.php file, by melding all getHtml function calls into a new function called getHtmlForMain, and all of its templates, which reduced the number of templates from 5 to 2 templates files, reducing a lot the calls to Template::get() at CentralColumns.php.

This week I’ll continue to refactor the templates on database dir.