Thanks for reading and commenting, Leo.
Timi Olotu

I assumed those reasons for you not liking Milo because those are the reasons people usually cite for not liking him. It was wrong of me assume those were your reasons and that’s my fault. As to him not being constructive, I think it’s because no one wants to debate him. Because as provocative as he may be, he does back up most of what he says.

Now your second point. Your article gave me that impression, because you state how bad Trump is, say he deserves all the vitriol, as do those who support Trump, and those who don’t actively undermine him. Then you just move on, like all the things you said were a given. That gave me the impression that you, like the liberals who you express contempt for, assumed your opinion was the right one. You say Trump holds abhorrent ideas, say he is a misogynist, says he has criminal attitude towards ethnic minorities without mentioning a single example. I assume, perhaps wrongly, you do this because everyone can name scores of examples off the top of their head. However it never ceases to amaze me that most of the time, all these examples can be argued against, quite easily too.

I have found myself defending Trump alot over the past month. I don’t enjoy doing this. But when everyone with any kind of platform seems intent on making sure to portray Trump as worse then Hitler, Castro, Stalin and Mao put together, I have too.