Why is it that the anti-Hillary people always wants us to do your research for you.
Ginger Murray

I continue to be baffled by you. You hate a guy who’s against feminism which supposedly advocates for women’s rights but you show nothing but disgust for people advocating for men’s rights?

Also I’m not asking you to do research. I literally gave you a link to a video, in the description you’ll find the link to all the sources provided.

Also I burst out laughing it on yours here’s another one comment. Replying to ones that you think you can disprove but ignoring the ones that you can’t? You know there is audio of her discussing that case and laughing about it right? It’s linked below the video. You’re outraged four seconds ago about a guy disparaging feminism, but if your Idol mistreated women who were a nuisance to her, your reaction is they can go fuck themselves? My point of contention never was the fact that she took on his case. It wasn’t even that she got him off. It’s despicable in my eyes I would never be able to live with myself but that wasn’t the point. My point is the fact that she started victim blaming, another thing feminists are supposed to hate, unless you know it doesn’t fit your narrative, and then proceeded to laugh that he beat a lie detector test even though she knew he was guilty. Again there’s audio of this. Its linked below the video.