You’re not a liberal—you’re an extremist wearing trendy causes
Exquisite Corpse

I really enjoyed your article with one exception. You are exactly like the regressive liberals that you claim to hate. It’s just you’re more principled, recognizing that doing what they do is the opposite of free society we love so much. But when it comes to opinions, you’re exactly the same. You also believe your beliefs are the correct ones, and yes everyone who doesn’t share them is indeed abhorrent. I’m guessing you haven’t actually listened to what Milo says. If you have, you wouldn’t say he preaches hate. You say that because he doesn’t worship at the altar of feminism and BLM. But he’s on record saying he believes black people are still owed something in this country. He has distances himself multiple times from white supremacist ideas, saying that kind of rhetoric is never the answer. But you wouldn’t know that if you didn’t take the time to listen to him

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