Ha! I was wondering when y’all would start showing up.
Ginger Murray

Oh boy where to begin. I linked a video because I didn’t feel like posting everything that was talked about in it. You say it’s debunked then post one article refuting one thing that was in it? Which by the way is the least objectionable thing that she’s done. Yes I checked it out, it seems like that was a lie. But the reason I didn’t check out the first time was because I didn’t care. That was a minor thing that didn’t really interest me. But everything else? Hundred percent true.

And what is this insistence by lefties to call everyone they don’t like alt right, Russian bots, or your usual cornercopia of insults: racist, sexist, xenophobe Etc. Why is he alt right? Because he disagrees with you? Shit, even if he was how does that negate his points? You said it was all debunked? Show me the proof that it was debunked? For the tape of her laughing about getting a rapist off who left a 12 year old girl barren and in a coma? Or really anything else that was said. That video doesn’t even mention the leaked emails.

Look you can think what you want. Hillary lost and will never be president. I’m actively praying that she stays involved in politics. That’ll make it all the easier for Trump to get reelected. But I’m down for having an honest conversation about the faults of Trump, Sanders and Clinton, as well as who would be a good candidate in 2020. But we can’t do that if you ignore facts and call everyone that disagrees with you racist, alt right and the rest.

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