Yep, there’s that sociopathy again.

Sure they deserve to live. No one would argue otherwise. But who’s going to pay for all those things. You don’t deserve someone else’s labor. You don’t deserve forcing a doctor to treat you even though you can’t pay him for his service. You don’t deserve to take food from a farmer if you can’t pay him. If you argue that government should provide these things then the same principle applies. The government has to take it from other people in order to give it to everyone else.

No I’m not pro-life. I’m against government interfering in its citizens affairs in any form. And you think you’re compassionate suggesting that everyone should receive free stuff. Where’s your compassion for people who have to work hard to get it and then have it taken away from them to give it to someone else. Its not​sociopathy, it’s holding people accountable for their choices in life.

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