I think 45 is more likely to get us into a war with Korea than Clinton ever would have been to get…
Art Glick

What is even the point of arguing with you. You won't admit simple facts, that literally no one disputes. Literally every general, every politician has stated that Clinton's plan would have started a war, but you just brush that off like some info from an anonymous source. Trump hasn't started a war, nor is he trying to, despite your attempts to blame Korea on him. What in the actual fuck do you want him to do. Their the ones launching nukes and being the agressors, yet without fail, in true liberal fashion you blame Trump.

Also love how you call someone else a racist and a Nazi, while saying things like muck up your own country and I'm glad you can't vote. I'm sure the irony escapes you. You're all tolerant and accepting, until a foreigner disagrees with you.

It never ceases to amaze me that you're all against big bad business unless PP comes up. They aren't the only organization providing contraception, don't be dramatic. Also I'm against government funding any organization that donates so heavily to a political party. Regardless of what company or party. I'm intellectually honest like that, unlike you.

Schumer might be a neoliberal, but he's probably going to be your party's nominee. Either him or Warren or pelosi. I keep saying you'll lose in 2020 and that's one of the biggest reasons.

Also you're forgetting I live in this country, I want what's best for it. And I also know from experience, government sucks at everything. EPA is no different.

Lastly that brings me to the Nazis. You see, Hitler had control of the economy. They did everything he wanted. You could say he regulated the ever loving shit ou of it. You know the opposite of what Trump is doing. Hitler also controlled the military. Unlike Trump, who defers to Mattis on that matter. And lastly he silenced speech. And like I already said, Trump doesn't do that. His attacks on the media can be perceived as a sign of what's to come be simpletons who invoke Hitler anytime he does anything. But what you realize if you pay attention is he attacks everyone who attacks him first. You can be a civil rights hero, a bimbo with a morning show, or cable news Network. He doesn't care, you attack him, he attacks you. Plain as that. I'm not scared one iota of a Trump presidency. All the rahrah coming from Liberals is just business as usual. You always predict concentration camps when a republican is in power.

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