So… you think the approval polls are bunk, but you believe Fox News’ own research that 78% of Trump…

Who said anything about Fox News and their research? I was speaking from my own experience of logging into YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google news and finding that all the trending stories regarding Trump are negative.

The part about anecdotal examples was really ironic. Considering every single article I read from liberal news sources use anecdotal examples like “this woman is struggling to pay her bills working hard and her minimum wage job, the minimum wage needs to be $29 an hour tomorrow!” or “This family is being torn apart by enforcement of immigration laws, we need open borders now!”

Leftists are really good at ignoring all science and reason, when it suits their agenda, but they trip over each other to reach the nearest graph whenever science happens to coincidence with their opinion. This is a problem on both sides, but left leftists​ are the only ones who used violence and ridicule to shut down opposing viewpoints. Let’s take global warming for example. How much has the temperature risen over the last 200 years?

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