What the fuck are you even talking about?
Soda Popinski

You know he couldn’t give a flying fuck about this right? Because we saw how he campaigned for things he actually believed in. Sending a few tweets now and then was to placate Republicans. This wasn’t even his idea, all of the repeal and replace stuff was handled by Senate Republicans. Would he have preferred that this repeal passed? sure but not passionately.

And there is still to this day zero evidence Russia did anything. At first it was touted that they hacked the machines. Then it was alleged that the hacked the DNC emails. It turned out that pedesta fell for a simple phishing scam. Then it got vague when anyone remotely Russian sounding who had any contact with anyone in any way relating to Trump was held up as proof that definitele collusion occurred. There is zero evidence. For what actual collusion looks like Google “Bill Clinton collusion 1996"

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