You could more easily switch the words “Trump” and “media” in this statement.
Alex R Hughes

You need to stop making assumptions.

No, I’m not a Trump supporter. Yes I think Trump saying untrue things are also a problem. But he isn’t a journalist, so I think it’s a little different.

No one would have a problem with media if they pointed out Trump’s questionable actions. That’s their job. But they don’t do that. They mislead, blow thing out of proportion and straight up lie. For example that disabled reporter thing. If you take time to look into it, you will find that Trump used that same mannerism to portray Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush. That’s his impression of a flustered, bumbling person. You can take issue with that, but to say he used that impression to mock the reporter because he is disabled is a bold faced lie. Which is exactly what the media did. Look into it yourself.

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