As the title indicates, this is the journal of a Machine Learning (ML) intern at the impactIA Foundation. I’ll be attempting to keep a weekly journal of my activities in the Foundation to keep track of my progress and leave a roadmap for the interns who come after me.

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Books, books — books! I come from a family of avid readers. Week evenings after work, weekends throughout the day, holidays on the beach or in the mountains, you’ll find us with books an arm’s length away. When I start approaching the end of a book, I have to take a new book with me because I fear not having anything to read. Anyways, I love books and this week I’m going to give you a list of my favourite books (non-fiction, fiction and textbooks) related to Artificial Intelligence. …


Léo de Riedmatten

BSc in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence with Neuroscience from Sussex University, currently a Machine Learning Intern at impactIA in Geneva (CH).

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