Twitter should become to TV companies what Messenger is to bots

I think there are three reasons for that:

  1. Chatbots and “App-in-apps” are extinguishing the importance of apps: By merging multiple services (e.g. Uber, your weather-app and your to-do list) into one we are still using the services offered by apps but through one instead of multiple apps.
  2. Consumers are using a second screen while watching TV: A study conducted by Accenture showed that 87% of consumers are using a second screen while watching TV.
  3. People talk about TV on Twitter: In a study Twitter showed that 50% TV users look up hashtags about TV shows and advertising.

Twitter has potential to use its open audience and real-time setting to tap exploit that opportunity by going beyond user-created hashtags. There are two ways Twitter should take:

Connect people through events and status updates:

Status updates: Similar to Facebook, users would be able to change their status to the show they are currently watching by selecting from a curated list of shows. When you then click on that update you would be redirected to a special site which could either be an existing Twitter site, the show’s website or individual site within Twitter containing moive info from sites like IMBD (rating, reviews etc.), show merchandise and additional content. Events would
Events: This would be similar to thread in an online forum or a globally reachable post published by Twitter: For all kinds of TV shows (even for individual episodes), movies and events (keynotes, debates, sports…) Twitter would have posts where user gather to read and write about the TV, preferably while they are watching it.

Stream movies, shows and events

Twitter is already live streaming NFL games and I think if they expanded it to other content they would surpass their “natural disadvantage” of being a “text-social network”. I like using Twitter while watching TV to talk to other people and get their perspective but sometimes showing a picture to ask a question (What kind of phone is that? What is the name of that car?) or comment on something (This jump just looks so unrealistic) is just far more useful and fun. It would also combine Instagram/Snapchat with Twitter. In that case users would be able to take a screenshot of a particular scene, add comments, stickers, filters, drawings etc. to it and post it.

The possibilities for advertisers are nearly endless.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to comments!

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