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Well said and I’ve also become a huge fan of Medium. Great concept, brilliant execution.

To a large extent, Medium has solved the “discovery” problem inherent in the isolated “siloes” of individual blog websites.

From the “consumer’s” point of view it works as a central “first place to go to” when you want to read high quality blog posts.

From a “producer’s” point of view I believe it can be a very effective “marketing vehicle” if you invest some time in writing thoughtful posts that show off your knowledge, expertise and personality.

The only issue I have with Medium is that many articles are too long, many posts would be better if they would be 75% shorter. Often I don’t have the time and patience to read a long article because I think my time is spent better doing something productive.

Writing and expressing one’s thoughts concisely is a skill. It might take MORE time and effort to write a short article than a long one to get one’s point across. A solution might be for the author to start the post with a “TL; DR” section summarizing the core ideas or conclusions of the article.

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