Laravel + Docker Part 2 — preparing for production
Shane Osbourne

Congratulations on the content, really very good.

I am a beginner with docker and I have a question, does the structure in this second article complement the structure of the first article or is it something different? I mean, should I just overwrite the app.dockerfile with the code in this second article or should I create another directory and include the contents of this second article there? Same thing with vhost.conf, when you say create it makes me confused seeing that I created these files when I followed your first article, so it left me in doubt.

If it is something totally new, if I have to create a new directory and work on it already I am in doubt, should I skip the first steps of the previous article where we downloaded laravel for example?

Sorry if the question was very simple, I’m a bit lost as to docker concepts and this may be disturbing me.

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