The JSF TC39 Meeting Report — Nov 2016

Leo Balter
Dec 7, 2016 · 8 min read


Let’s talk about ES Modules and NodeJS again

Dynamic Modules Reform

Variation on Unambiguous JavaScript Grammar, or "use module"

What changes from Stage 0 to 1?

import() is on stage 3


Varius Oddities on Module Namespace Objects

Remove @@iterator

non-configurable @@toStringTag

[[SetPrototypeOf]] will return true if argument is null

Proposal rejected: include default export in export * from 'module'

export * from 'foo';
export { default } from 'foo';


More Promises

Promise.resolve Promise.resolve( x )1. Let C be the this value.
2. If Type(C) is not Object, throw a TypeError exception.
3. If IsPromise(x) is true, then
a. Let xConstructor be ? Get(x, "constructor").
b. If SameValue(xConstructor, C) is true, return x.



the s (dotAll) flag on Stage 1

/'foo\nbar'); // false
/'foo\nbar'); // true

lookBehind assertions on Stage 2

NaN Revisited

SharedArrayBuffer to Stage 3

Private State to Stage 2

64bit Int to Stage 1

Int64(0) === 0L
Uint64(0) === 0UL


Thanks to Kris Borchers

Leo Balter

Written by

Open Web Engineer at Bocoup, representing the JS Foundation at TC39.

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