I Lost 86 Pounds and Learned a Few Things
Chris Higgins

Liked it a lot. Im in the same way, but I started with a surgery (you know, a stomach one). The thing is, I couldn't meet the deadline with only the surgery and now I'm working out and dieting, Im close to the deadline now and I feel the same way. People assume weird stuff, people say: "oh my god, teach me", then I say what I do and people was like: "oh yeah? If I only had the same mind effort" and stuff like that, you see that people don't actually want to change.. I know that because I was once there, It was hard to me to first make the decision to do the surgery and then hard again to make the decision to do else more (work out, diet) to accomplish the deadline.

Thanks for the text, I catarse'd a lot :)

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