An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Quming — the Founder of IDHub Project

When Digital ID Meet with Blockchain, the credible Digital Society is Upcoming

With the development of information technology, the Digital Society is forming. As the entrance of the Digital Society, the Digital identity will exert a great influence upon the development of future society and the operation of economy. Recently, the journalist of Sharing Finance had the chance to interview with the Mr.Quming — — the founder of IDHub project and vice president of 21vianet. Together, they explored the development and future of the blockchain and Digital identity.

Resolve the pain-points of the Industry, combine the Digital identity with Blockchain perfectly

IDHub is a Digital identity application platform founded on the principal of opening up and based on the decentralization of Blockchain technology. As for why we combine the digital identity with Blockchain technology, Mr. Qu expressed that although the Digital identity has been widely used in many aspects, many problems still existing.

First, as the Digital identity consists many identity fragmentation information left by individuals in social life, the features of fragmentation and decentralization are to the disadvantage of application and management. Second, under the traditional ID management mode, individual information is often compromised by ID divulge, theft and fraud. Besides, because Digital identity need to be transferred in different scenarios, it is subjected to great limitations.


As early as 2014, Mr. Qu and his team realized the huge development potential of Blockchain technology. The advantages of distributed data storage, P2P transmission, encryption algorithm and consensus mechanism etc are offering the best solutions for the development of Digital identity.

As a mater of fact, many Blockchain plus Digital ID projects have appeared globally so far. Mr. Qu takes E-Residence laughed by Estonia as an example, he expressed, although this project provides more convenient e-services for citizens all over the world, inevitability we may have some difficulties in the actual practice, for example, how to prove “I’m being myself” without presentation.

However, IDHub can solve this problem perfectly. The effectiveness, authenticity and uniqueness of individual identity can be verified reasonably. The control right can be repossession from the third party service agency to individuals and create an integrated and credible autonomous identity.

User Oriented, Build an Autonomous and Credible Identity Management Mechanism

When referred to some existing Blockchain plus Digital identity Projects such as Civic、Air、uPort, Mr. Qu counted that these projects have their own pros and cons. However, IDHub not only ingeniously combines all the advantages, but also does better in the aspects of autonomous identity, application scope, Blockchain platform, especially application scenarios.

From the perspective of autonomous identity, IDHub not only give the Digital identity control right to the users, but also return the identification control right to users. As for data management, IDHub divides the user attribute data into public and private and save them in different ways. When refer to types of Blockchain, different from Civic, Air and uPort who chose a single bottom platform, IDHub keeps full openness and flexibility and combines the Blockchain bottom technology of Ethereum, Quantum chain and RootStock etc.

Moreover, IDHub also adopts the technologies of smart contract oriented HLPL Solidity, data storage schema OpenPDS which focus on both user data protection and experience, JWT (RFC719) and Merkle tree which is able to satisfy the minimal disclosure doctrine. All of these fully guaranteed the safety of individual Digital identity.

Numerous Application Scenarios, Construct a Digital Economy Oriented Credible Ecosystem

More and more people recognized the development potential of the emerging technology due to it’s numerous advantages. However, this recognition is mostly only on the level of theory and how to combine the technology with application scenarios becomes the focus of the industry. To this, Mr. Qu can not agree more, he emphasize that the Blockchain technology is not so mature, therefore, the project team should explore carefully and expand the living application scenarios actively. IDHub always focus on Digital identity and committed to the application in different areas.

In the field of government affairs, the WIFIRE Group which Mr. Qu work with has achieved agreement with Chancheng District Government in this June. The WIFIRE Group released the Intelligence and Credibility City Plan and launched the IMI Digital identity platform. It is notable that this is the first government affairs application of Blockchain in China.

When refer to the cooperation, Mr. Qu said that as early as 2014, Chancheng came the first one in China to take one door reform in administration approval as breakthrough to explore new ways to realize streamline administration and delegate power. Along with the continuous deepening of reform, the the focus of government service has transferred from one door service to non-presence service, which aims to simplify streamline administration policy from one to zero, and realized that the people can enjoy the high efficient and convenient government service without stepping out of the door. With the features of distribution, traceability and non-tamping etc, Blcokchain is able to fully satisfy the requirement of government, and provide strong technology support in the aspect of security assurance such as how to prove “ I’ am being myself”.

In the area of livelihood, at present, the Foshan local residents are able to enjoy a lot of services by scanning and logging on the IMI identity authentically platform, these services including Social Insurance and Housing fund query, traffic violations query, electricity, gas and water usage query, and online hospital registration booking etc. What’s more, IDHube team has established cooperation relationship with domestic three Giant Telecom Carriers and they can provide remote mobile card activate service for users in the near future. And through cooperation with bank, the IDHub team can also provide remote account opening service for users.

In the area of commercial, IDHub rely on government credit, realized leave after scanning and settle the payment later on, which is different from Wechat and Alipay connecting with scan to pay system. At present, the team are working together to further improve the application.

Above all, Mr. Qu emphasized that the team are always focusing on the Digital identity and try to realize the breakthrough of key technology, combing the Blockchain technology with application scenarios to create a digital assets credible ecosystem.

Accelerate Industrial Distribution and Lay a foundation for Digital Immorality

As a decentralized Digital identity application platform, IDHub obsesses the features excellent technology combination and function expansion. The project team not only apply the Blockchian plus Digital identity to the government affairs, livelihood and commercial areas, but also extend the industrial layout actively.

“ID as Digital Life”,

Mr. Qu expressed that the IDHub vision has been divided into three sectors, that is ID as a Service, ID as a Digital Asset, ID as Digital Life.

In the first phase, IDHub hope to replace the traditional account system thus the users can do self-management of their digital assets, at the same time, the security and privacy of individual’s ID information will be assured.

In the phase of ID as Digital Asset, IDHub will build a digital economic oriented and credible ecosystem. Taping the exiting data of authorities and endorse individual data assets, building a efficient credibility system and achieving digital economy prosperity.

ID as Digital Life is the team’s long-term development goal, and it will build up a foundation for Digital Immortality.

Toward the end of the interview,Qu laughed and say: this is a step by step process, however, our team have been proceeding smoothly and the project has been landed quickly. The aim of IDHub is to connect all with Digital identity and build a integrate credible digital ecosystem with sustainable development.