Moving to Medium

I’ve been having my personal website for more than 5 years. I decided to create it to put all the stuff and projects I was doing at college. I’ve written, re-written, written it again so many times that I stopped counting. It has made me study several technologies, got me excited, got me headaches… As everything is a cycle, the first posts ended up getting older and those technologies that were part of my posts were getting newer versions and many of them have totally changed. So I decided to remove them from my website so the people wouldn’t learn it the old way.

Can you remember how mobile phones were like 10 years ago? And how they look like now? Programming languages are the same way. They change.

I’ve also decided to move my website to a new platform, Medium, which has a nice UX on Desktop and Mobile, and deeplinks our publications to their very own app.

I’ve spent countless hours studying web development, Android, Java and other stuff. Currently I’m studying Swift (iOS, macOS, watchOS), I’ve been doing this a while actually, and I’m really focused to keep going on it.

All my projects still remain on my GitHub profile.
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