Leo Castellano or Leo Lahiri?

Anon: I saw you thought that list of Leo’s name was wrong. But i think the show changed his name to Leo Lahiri, it might include Castallano too but I am sure his name is Leo Lahiri because i have seen Sal talk about future outfits of Leo Lahiri. So they at a minimum hyphenated his name if not changed it completely. He isn’t just Leo Castellano though. He is Leo Lahiri. Which I am glad about Mindy has been his primary care giver and mom and her name shouldn’t be ignored for some stupid tradition especially when its a name that Leo’s mom has zero connection too.

I’m going to have to have to disagree with you, anon. I do know what post of Sal’s you are referring to, it’s this. In this post, Sal calls Leo — Leo Lahiri Castellano. In this instance, the surnames aren’t hyphenated, and if anything Lahiri is slotted into the middle name position. Beyond that, all other references to Leo on Sal’s page do not include the surname Lahiri. And while it would be cool for him to be Leo Lahiri Castellano, there has been absolutely zero textual indication of Leo’s name being Leo Lahiri or anything but Leo Castellano. Starting with the statement of Leo’s name in 4x02 (“I love you, Leo Castellano.”) and 4x03 being titled Leo Castellano is My Son. Beyond that, all of Leo’s legal documents list is name as simply Leo Castellano. I’m attaching a picture of his passport to this ask. And I’m inclined to believe the validity of the prop because the passport has no middle name displayed, and Mindy has stated she isn’t quite sure what Leo’s middle name is. (I know because I asked Radloff to ask her and this was the response I got. Another reason I believe the passport is because I asked Warburton to celebrate Leo’s birthday by telling us who pitched the name, and not only did Matt not discredit my craziness or the date I used but also told me that Mindy herself pitched the name, Leo Castellano. Though I do like to imagine if Leo really does become an actor and celebrity, just Mindy always dreamed, that he might assume Leo Lahiri as a stage name, I love the flow of the double L, I do not think Leo Lahiri is his legal name. But, we all have our own headcanons, maybe as an adult Leo will choose to change his name. Who knows? But I think the part of this argument that makes me feel the most uncomfortable is this sort of insinuation since Danny isn’t the primary caregiver, he doesn’t have a connection to Mindy or his son in a capacity that justifies the use of his name. I am also the child of parents who never married. I’ve always felt my whole existence mired in a really deep sense of shame and grief and guilt. And at times? Part of that has been because of my name. My parents chose for me to take my mother’s last name, and I love that!!! But there were times where I really thought that because I didn’t have my dad’s name that I wasn’t part of the family or that I didn’t love him enough. Maybe you’ve experienced that, anon. I’m older now and I know it’s not true, but I guess to project those feelings on to characters I love rubs me the wrong way. Leo having the surname Castellano doesn’t diminish his connection to Mindy nor his love for being a Lahiri, and just because Danny isn’t with is son every day or because Danny and Mindy have split up, doesn’t mean the name Castellano means nothing to Mindy or Leo. If Mindy’s continued relationship with Annette and friendship with Danny indicate anything to me, it’s the opposite. Mindy and Danny made the choices they thought was best for their family, including their son’s name. Maybe it’s not the choices we would have made, but they are good parents who love their son and one another, and I think that if Mindy really did have concerns about Leo’s name she’d bring them to Danny and they’d do everything in their power to rectify the situation. They’re both very traditional and conservative, and Danny’s misogyny and inability to reconcile his childhood trauma with his current reality absolutely triggered their downfall when he pressured Mindy to stay home, but I never had the sense that this was a traditional aspect of their lives that made Mindy feel inadequate or confused. She loved the name! Tl;dr: Mindy and Danny are good parents and good co-parents. And there’s nothing wrong with Leo assuming either of their names or both. Leo Castellano, Leo Lahiri, and Leo Castellano-Lahiri are all great names for an awesome little boy. It’s just that in this case Leo Castellano seems to be the name they chose. But we can ask Mindy if you are unconvinced, she might respond?

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