I finally decided myself to do it!

Do it NOW!

You probably do not know me at all. Take the time to do it so!

I thought of this day for so long but haven’t done anything more out of speaking … I needed more time to start writing my first article. We’ve all experienced these days when you feel more inspired for no-reason and you dream of life’s changing about you and around you. This day for me, it is today: Wednesday 7th of December, Midnight.

Chapter 1: Who am I?

My name is Leo and my friends call me Leo (Yes, it is the same. You can’t have a nickname!). I am currently 21 years old. A passionate student eager to share and learn with the Medium’s community. I am specialized in International Agribusiness, I have the French nationality but living in the country of the windmills, the stroopwaffels and of course famous for its smoking herbs: The Netherlands!

Chapter 2: What Am I going to write?

As an non-professional author, I want to write two different types of articles: on a first plan, the societal issues and daily improvement to show how fast the world is going on and how fast it is changing from day to day… Then I would write self-improvement and personal development articles based on my daily life experiences.

I don’t know yet exactly why I did want to start but I promised myself to start writing here and I want to prove that maybe it will bring me more joy, more spices and challenges in my life. Let’s see how incredible is the power of habits.

Big changes can start with small choices.

I fixed myself an objective of one article a day. I am not an heavy writer, I am not even a native speaker nor a specialist but I have ideas. Ideas that I think are worth spreading. (TED)

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