I’m Suspicious of Male “Feminists” — And You Should Be Too
Alicen Grey

When I talk to women who are feminist I would never say that I am a Feminist because I care about the issues men have with the patriarchy. I say that when I talk to a men( or women) about sexism or feminism because I am afraid I think of the male or the female reactions. I know this is stupid! My whole life I have been strugeling with some shit and I did find it really unfair and being uncomfortable in men´s companion. But the point when I noticed I want to be a feminist or wants to support the idea behind feminist when it strikes me that I myself only had suffered from the patriarchy only a little and that women that I admire and love suffered ten times, hundred times more of this shit. I know that i am a white priviliged boy and I can´t deal with life sometimes and the system clearly favors me. And that´s the point where in my opinon anybody has to stop and think about other people and that they don´t have the priviliged and that they need your support and most( or all) of the time of time in a quite not dominant kind. I am not entiteled to speak about women´s suffering if a women is near by who can it better and the same goes for race issues and religion issues. But i think the feminist movement could use men like the other reft wing guy uses women as charade. Do say we don´t hate men. Let´s face it we ( As long as I am included) only can make a safe spot for women anywhere with the whitecismale person because they have the power most of the time. I know we can provide a enviourment where women are equaly to men 90% of the time but it´s only a bubble and we have to accept it that we live in one. Maybe I am just a douche who knows tell me.

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