How I learn English ?

I wanna tell my story with my desperately English of course for now. I try to learn English for my business and reach some new information about science and new technology etc. I guess there are some people like me as learner of this tongue. in below I’m gonna talk about my study method that watching tv series for improve my vocabulary. If there is some like me I’ll be happy you share your learning method with us.

First of all. I’m gonna talk about my new favorite tv series ‘Arrow’s first episode. I watched it ’cause Arrow have very slow speech and flow. So I can catch new word that I don’t know meaning yet. let’s start

EP 1 : Pilot

in this episode we recognized with Arrow. There is a man, Oliver Queen, who live alone a island for five years and then a fisher ship found him and bring him his city. When he into island some thing had changed. Oliver’s mother married with the man who co-founder the oliver’s father’s company. And he looking for some name for getting some money for give another people that we could not know why the reason.

That’s all from Arrow’s first episode. And I will add it new episode summary when I watch it.

Thanks for reading my sentences with my bad English

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