My Husband Lied to Me About Voting for Trump
As Told to MEL

“My husband isn’t one of the bigoted extremists, but it was bad”
Let me translate that for everyone.
“My husband has a political view I dislike, and although he’s nothing like the extremists and seems to have his own opinions. I have too much of an emotional bias myself to separate facts from feelings so I’m mad because I said so.”

Fucking get over yourself, what happened to you was a terrible, TERRIBLE thing. That doesn’t equate to Trumps presidency any more or less than YOU choose to. Although it’s not completely her fault, very crooked and biased media sites spread negativity and ignorance to the point of FEAR MONGERING and now that their tactics have failed and he’s won? They can’t seem to get it together and stop the bullshit. They just continue to put people into panic. (This article itself gives the impression that Trump is bad because look at our emotional story this woman is a VICTIM how terrible is Trump we can not cope)

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