How To Launch Amazon Products with ManyChat and ZonPages

Leo Limin
Leo Limin
May 23 · 4 min read

Here is a step-by-step guide showing how to create a ManyChat bot in order to distribute single-use promo codes (a.k.a. Amazon claim codes or coupon codes) using ZonPages to automate and control the coupon distribution process.

ManyChat is one of the best messenger bot builders on the market. It offers many easy-to-use features, and learning the basics is straightforward and uncomplicated.

ZonPages makes product launches on Facebook easy by:

  • providing pre-build ManyChat flows, plug-n-play
  • giving you control over the daily promo-code distribution
  • allowing you to feed keywords into the flow
  • limiting the promo-code distribution to ‘one-per-customer’
  • verifying order IDs via Amazon’s API
  • allowing you to easily manage refunds and rebates

Currently, there are 5 pre-built ManyChat flows in ZonPages:

  1. Single-Use Promo-Code
  2. Add-to-Cart Bot
  3. Mystery Discount Game via Chat Bot
  4. Mystery Discount and Rebate Bot
  5. Find, Buy and Rebate Game

1. What do you need?

2. Create a Facebook Page

You will need a Facebook page so that you can connect a chatbot to it. If you don’t currently have one, go to Create a Facebook Page

3. Sign-up to ManyChat, activate the PRO account, and connect your Facebook page to ManyChat.

ManyChat is free to sign up, but we need some PRO features ($10/month) in order to be able to distribute the promo-codes.

4. Sign-up to ZonPages

Apart from ManyChat Bot integrations, ZonPages also has a good selection of tools that are extremely useful to any Amazon seller, including both ‘buyer-seller messaging automation’ and ‘landing pages’.

5. ‘Create New ManyChat Integration (MCI)’ in ZonPages

6. Pick the flow that you wish to use

Some flows are integrated with Amazon API, so you will need to Configure MWS first.

7. Create the MCI

Each flow has its own different settings and variables. Let’s go through the Single-Use Promo-Code Flow.

Single-Use Promo-Code Flow

This flow is great if you wish to launch your product using single-use promo-codes. These can be generated at Amazon Seller Central. It is a common method of launching products. You will need to generate promo-codes before using this flow, and to also think of your target keyword.

You will also need to provide your product URL. We recommend using pixelfy links and not a direct link. Pixelfy Supreme URL is very proficient at supporting with rankings.

Provide both your targeted keyword, as well as the daily coupon limit, e.g. 30, 40… 100.

Hit ‘Create MCI’. This will generate an exportable flow, and a unique code that you will need to use within ManyChat in order to take data from, as well as send data to, ZonPages. Click on ‘How to Use to apply this flow to ManyChat.

If you are not entirely sure about how to set the Facebook JSON Ads, or how to create an audience, you should consult either of these two very helpful articles:

How To Create An Engaging Facebook Ad For Your Amazon Product Launch

How To Use Your Amazon Data to Create Facebook Lookalike Audiences

You may also simply contact ZonPages support, and have them set up the flows for you: ZonPages ManyChat Support

Leo Limin

Written by

Leo Limin

CEO at ZonPages (, CTO at RebateKey (, Amazon seller and MDS ( group member.

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