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I went to my best friend`s wedding yesterday.

It is really an amazing and meaningful wedding!

Btw,both my friend and her husband are environmental protection volunteers.

They fall in love with each other due to the Environmental Organization in Shenzhen,a city in China.

In the wedding, we can not see a car,only the Wind Rover electric self balance car.I do not know Wind Rover Technology Co.,Ltd before,and never know the 2 wheel electric scooter is popular in the word now.

To my surprise my friend borrowed 10PCS Segway like scooter. That means i can have one.

After 2 min learning,most of us can handle it.So the newly-weds told us a big plan—they decide to ride the scooter and use banner with the word “绿色出行,减少私家车的使用”(Green travel, bus and metro will be helpful to our environment) ,riding on the street for 1 hour.

After 1 hour riding, we went black to the hotel for lunch. All the arrange was simple but earnest.

It is my first time to take part in a such significant wedding plan. As we all known,the environment problem in big city becomes serious,if we live in a bad environment for a long time, we will get sick,allergic rhinitis even cancer.

It is my best friend let me know we can go ahead the public welfare no matter when and whatever you do.


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